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Wednesday , March 20 2019

A cup of hot coffee

The best thing in coffee is the timing. The great thing about a perfectly timed cup of coffee is that it’s in your hand the instant you crave it. One of life’s most exquisite moments is that in which a small luxury becomes a necessity

— Mourid Al-Barghouti

There are many types of coffee and each type has its own special flavor. It could be black as the Turkish, American or Italian coffee. However, the Arabian coffee is yellowish (blonde). Actually, it’s not 100 percent Arabian, although it is brought from Yemen, and sometimes East Africa. Most of the familiar coffee in the market is imported from India. We should know that Arabian coffee is mixed with cardamom and sometimes clove or saffron.

Coffee is for adjusting moods at home or in the workplace. It’s for hospitality. Coffee is among the urgent needs and it’s not only for Arabs. Each nation has its own special coffee, including Nescafe, which many consider to be a cure for headache.

Many are fond of preparing coffee by their own hands and I know many friends who make their own coffee inside diwaniyas using a special stove with a wooden decoration of special draggers and shelves for keeping coffee or even tea utensils. Tea also has its special origins and different flavors representing different tastes.

I know friends who cannot start their day without coffee. One of them was traveling to Greece when he stopped at a cafe in Salonika to have a cup of Greek coffee. Since then, Greek coffee with its distinguished flavor accompanies him wherever he goes.

I have read on the Internet that Greek coffee is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and it contains a moderate quantity of caffeine. Its medical benefits also include longevity and protection against heart diseases. It seems that my friend is right in seeking protection against dangerous diseases.

Let us put coffee aside and reason together to determine if the Greek politicians and economists manage their country through the special moods experienced after enjoying their cups of coffee. If so, I doubt they would face any economic crisis! Would the state of affairs remain stable in the land of philosophy and wisdom?

I used to believe that Greece was the most reasonable nation in the world and the lighthouse of wisdom, as it is the place where Socrates, Plato and Aristotle lived and taught the world the meaning of philosophy and wisdom. However, it seems that each era has its own philosophy and favorite coffee!

In this context, I have discussed about coffee and its categories, Greece, and Greek coffee. Does Euro-Greece differ from the Greece of Drachma?

Lastly, neither hot coffee nor philosophy shall resolve the Greek economic crises. Crises can only be resolved by adopting right economic strategies with strict and precise implementation and optimistic toward the future. With a bright future, the Greek citizen will begin his day enjoying a cup of hot coffee before heading for work based on the ancient Greek philosophy that is rich in wisdom.


By Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi


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