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Wednesday , December 11 2019

‘CSC plans to cut senior officials benefits’ – Top officials to receive KD 250 car allowance: sources

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 4: Civil Service Commission (CSC) is planning to take necessary action to reduce the benefits provided to senior officials, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting governmental sources.

Indicating that 454 senior officials have been listed in CSC’s plan, the sources explained that the first step is to fix the monthly salary of an assistant undersecretary at KD 3,000 and that of an undersecretary at KD 5,000.

Senior officials will not receive rewards granted for team activities and memberships in committees like the ordinary employees.

The decision also included forcing senior officials to supervise more than one committee without seeking rewards for this work, as it is part of their responsibilities.

The sources indicated that the allowance for participating in a team activity is KD 300 and the allowance for participating in a committee is KD 180, adding that senior officials do not have the right to receive any of these two allowances and they cannot participate in more than one committee or workshop at a time.

They revealed that senior officials will receive car allowance of KD 250 per month, and that the earlier decision of allocating vehicles for each senior official has been canceled.

The sources indicated that the car allowance of KD 250 could be reduced to KD 160 per month, affirming that all of the abovementioned decisions are aimed to reduce the expenditures of the authorities.

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