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Wednesday , October 20 2021

CSC blamed for ‘non-payment’ of salaries of Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia teachers

‘What is happening is unreasonable’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26: About 400 teachers contracted by the Ministry of Education (MoE) from Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia, are yet to be paid their salaries for the past four months, although they began work last September, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily added, the teachers feel uncomfortable because they have to fulfill several financial obligations in Kuwait and also back home. A number of teachers told the daily they contacted the Ministry of Education several times to know the reason for delay in paying their salaries only to be told “there is a problem in the Civil Service Commission system.”

The teachers have expressed fears that the problem may continue for a longer period, especially since the first academic period is almost over and they have yet to be paid their salaries to help them bear the burden of the cost of living.

One of these teachers was very outspoken and called what is happening as ’unreasonable’, and said, “We came from our country as teachers and builders of young generations and then our salaries are delayed all this time in a host country like Kuwait.” He went on to say, “We do not know whether we will get our dues during this academic period, or be postponed or we will have to wait until next year.”

Another stated that “the Ministry of Education made them two ‘advance’ payments during the past four months of 200 dinars each, and of course this money is not enough even to pay the rent or food and personal expenses and other obligations.”

They have appealed to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education Dr Saud Al-Harbi to find a quick solution to the problem since the ministry has put the issue at the CSC doorstep. The source pointed out that “a meeting is currently being arranged between the Ministry and the Cabinet to discuss the obstacles facing the new system in general and this issue in particular.”

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