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Crises only solved with determination

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE government has resolved the sports issue and it is determined to implement the law, through which it has restored the reverence it needed to impose for quite some time. If only it had happened on time, the government would have saved a lot for itself and the Kuwaitis who were subjected to intimidations and whims just to serve political interests, up to a point where the country almost vanished.

Today, the executive authority has proven it is strong and that no one is above the law. This kind of stance gives hope and reassurance to the people who are, up to this day, prone to fall into traps of aggravators who blow small matters out of proportion with the aim of hijacking once again the State institutions in order to engage in outrageous blackmails as they did before.

If the government is sincere in its efforts to maintain reverence and succeed in its advancement programs in institutions, it should not limit its determination to enforcement of the law on Kuwait Olympics Committee and Kuwait Football Association only.

The government should fortify principles in order to stop conflicts among authorities caused by the slackness of its predecessors which were shaken by calls to impose parliamentary constitutional tools. This happened because they were certain about the authority’s inability to face the Parliament considering its gratification policies and behind-the-curtain settlements, whereas the State paid the price for becoming weaker and weaker.

Currently, Kuwait is in a critical situation, considering the global economy and its negative repercussion on the financial condition of the country which has no way out other than using its legal tools to continue performing its duties. This will be achieved only if bold decisions are taken through tangible and continuous determination in implementing the law.

This scenario is not applicable to the financial solution alone, as it also holds true for other fields such as housing, industry, oil, health, education and traffic. Bold decisions must be taken to ensure that the doors of gratification policies are shut completely and permanently, particularly the ‘this is our child’ policy.

Indeed, the government needs to work seriously on the separation of authorities, so we don’t return to the era of parliamentary dictatorship — when lawmakers hustled the government as if the legislature was the head of its executive counterpart rather than a legislator whose authority is limited to monitoring the performance of the government and its ministries.

The sports issue is not the only problem the country is facing. In fact, it is the least of the country’s problems — given that many problems need to be dusted off and put on the table of solutions, or else, we will remain inside an empty circle especially when the government lacks consistency.

Variation in standards for tackling issues weakens the immune system of the State and makes it lose its vigor. Under such circumstances, the country’s achievements in the past three years will evaporate, specifically those related to the separation of authorities. It is unfortunate that we are starting to witness the phenomenon of creeping into the authorities of the government through the overseas medical trip scandal. This is in addition to the fact that medical trips will deplete whatever the government will save from the fuel price hike.

Law and order are the merits of a strong country. I don’t believe our country is weak, up to the point that it is unable to face every storm which hits the region, especially with regard to livelihood as it will become a serious problem if matters are handled using a variety of standards or by pleasing certain parties.

When it comes to dealing with crises, there is no room for emotional considerations or personal interests in favor of a parliamentarian or an influential person. The only thing that matters during crises is the welfare of the country, since its destiny is determined by the ability of its institutions and laws enacted to provide it with the required strength in taking firm decisions, like the one that put the sports establishments back into the State’s hands after the hijacking in which all forms of blackmailing were utilized.

The sports spirit does not transcend every place and time, especially on issues related to the destiny of the country. Therefore, the government, which dealt with the sports crisis decisively and moved on, should also handle every affair related to preserving Kuwait’s institutions that restored its strength. Once this is done, every citizen will perform his role efficiently and receive his rights along with the national sports spirit which is bigger than any personal interest.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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