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Cough, poverty and love

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

TWO people in correspondence discussed the syndrome of obligation as to the distance covered in confusion while exploring the mind — in an attempt to reflect on written lines and explain theories, relying on age-long postulates to deal with the reality of imagination.

This is in addition to tracing appropriateness while reading obscurity in ambiguity on paper, which is neither part of a booklet nor included in a file. The papers are untidy and frantically locate tourism in the sky! Interest in hidden aspects is revealed with a glance, and eyes of the mind draw the lines of expression.

There are different types of desire; it could be desire of the brain, which is almost the same as dry ink that cannot be erased. It is useless erasing desire of the mind, although it quickly paints reality in a manner that cannot hold basic principles firm before the torrential flow of emotion. It abates without brakes and takes irrevocable emotional decision with high risk; thus, whenever it reaches the required position, it becomes difficult to understand the poet delivering the poem!

Details of emotional books could be consumed by arousing emotion to break stagnancy, prompting the ink to write a new relationship — starting with a difficult exit from the claws of frustration and toward the desire of reaching the realms of emotion and mind. Lineament remains the condition of recycling the undesirable effect of natural mind and directions of the real brain to actualize long-awaited hope.

I will not cite inconsistent words or puzzles by writing such a poem — as it’s impossible for a writer to deliver his ideas directly. Lack of directness and ambiguity is a substantial part of reality and stormy feeling. For this reason, not all that is known is spoken and not all truth contains precise meaning! The most honest poet is the worst liar, according to the song of poets but I wish to say that lie entails the opposite and truth depicts faithfulness. In the evening lies the morning, while the eye only sees joy … you’ll never hear beyond the rhythm of the heart!

In the world of structural art paintings, you will make out surrealism on top of popular paintings. Distinguished images are always denoted by symbols due to ambiguity laid before viewers that stirs up lust for ambiguity in the minds of beholders. The eyes, heart and brain now begin to have special unseen meetings without agenda or communiqué in the real sense. The only noticeable aspect is the signature that bears ‘seen’— devoid of urgent referral of the heart to welcome or be expelled by the brain. It simply ends with the signature ‘seen’, which is the least possibility!

Emotion is no bolt from the blue, as it bears the possibility not borne by others, and climbs the fence of the heart regardless of the outcome — even in the wrong place. Painting portrayed at the rear side is useless, because some water colors used in drawing could wipe out and features of the work could be lost, besides experiencing color blot!

Many notable literary icons have made statements on the ‘domestication of women’. Tawfiq Al-Hakim said, ‘The world ends with loss of love on earth’. Wonderful quotes from Abbas Mahmoud Al-Aqqad are remembered in a unique way — confession fraught with comfortable feelings.

Three things we cannot hide are cough, poverty and love!

I have a simple question: Is love at first sight about outlook or the eye? Another complementary question is: Does any complementary relationship between the brain and the heart generally play a role in identifying this look? Is implicit alliance between the brain and the heart capable of affecting impression of the eye in picking the best and removing the logically unacceptable even if the heart and human nature accept it?

Eye, heart and brain have incoming and outgoing messages respectively. The only remaining aspect is general registry to hold the final signature. Psychological conditions of these three organs are not controlled by their effective role. General approval is in the general registry with the final signature to accept new guest or reject or submerge them in an appropriate manner.

The late literary icon Najib Mahfouz made a sober statement, saying “Love is perhaps craziness or ailment, but whatever the case, its peak represents bliss.” From the aforementioned statement, the great fiction writer no doubt went deep into famous fictions that were widely accepted.

He reached deep into the human mind to expose its hidden treasure and depicted its remote nature on paper to serve high standard philosophical fictional meal while discussing the reality of humans to get close to what he declares and hides before laying back on clarity of the heart, wisdom of the brain, and pleasure of the eye.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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