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Corruption triangle … torrential rains

TRADING is a fantastic and honorable business, although it is no shame to be poor. For this reason, a trader must start in the right professional way to gain stability in order to compete with the big people while becoming a model in lofty values to write down history of your achievements with an indelible mark.
However, do not use dubious means to ride Rolls Royce, because such people will be viewed as corrupt, even if it’s indirectly. This is when a person engages in projects that hurt everybody to the point that he becomes a criminal rather than a merchant! Trading is one of the best professions in life and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) spoke glowingly about it when he stated what can be interpreted as “nine tenth of richness is in trading”.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) here meant an honest and virtuous merchant. It is said that reputation is the real capital of a merchant, while reputation is surely built through integrity in direct and indirect interaction with customers through purchasing quality goods and selling them to customers while building the wall of confidence, which is difficult to collapse between the merchant and customer.

It is known as novel riches or new merchants when a person without history in trading and business suddenly jumps into the world reaping bad fruits before the good ones. Such a person will be dealing with the cheapest rather than best quality while managing his business in dubious ways- instead of being straight forward. These people are more dangerous to society than the drug barons, because their corruption is spreading to the nooks and crannies of the country.
They are the ones building the corruption triangle that consists of corrupt employees, bribe taking officials and dishonest leaders. This kind of model cannot surface without the presence of those who will throw food at them!

When I talk about the novel riches, it doesn’t mean the well-established merchants are exonerated, because they make the novel riches in most cases. For instance, the major contractors of gigantic projects are often merchants with verifiable history. But, many of them give out works to sub-contractors who are new in the field.
The majority of them (note that I said majority not all of them) have never heard credibility or known the meaning of honesty until date! He may have won a contract or tender through illegitimate means via the aforementioned corruption triangle, and it is disastrous for such people to lead the development of a country. In several backward countries, when administrative corruption is being investigated, the aforementioned triangle will be flaunting sword and jump in front of you. It is a dangerous sword with which they are ready to kill any antagonist!

Whoever follows disasters caused by the rain of blessing that caused us flood within the past days will understand the point I am trying to make. If not for the new projects such as roads and cities, several corrupt people would have jumped over it. We blame the major careless contractor who gave out several works to corrupt sub-contractors, and silence or negligence of the corrupt triangle in charge of monitoring and inspection!


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

“Don’t make your clothes the most expensive thing in you, so that you do not find yourself a day cheaper than what you wear” (Gibran Khalil Gibran).

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