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Corniche Club bid done according to State property system: says TEC

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‘Site launched in public auction’

KUWAIT CITY, July 19: In response to what was raised in various conventional and social media sites regarding the public bid put forward by the Tourism Enterprises Company (TEC) to manage and operate the Corniche Club site as a health club, the company initially asserted that the site was launched in a public auction – in accordance with the provisions of Decree Law No. 105 of 1980 concerning the State property system, and the general and special conditions of the bid, which in its entirety, stipulated the award of best financial returns in exchange for the use and management of the project, reports Al-Anba daily.

This was awarded to the company that submitted the bid with the highest price in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the tender documents, and the difference between the bid of the winning company and the losing company was approximately 100%.

However, in light of losing investor who occupies the current location of the bid and his objection to the outcome, he submitted several complaints and objections to several parties, besides filing lawsuits before the court to challenge the outcome of the bid.

And, when the company emphasizes on not going into details or making any statements on a subject that is pending before the Kuwaiti judiciary, it is out of respect for its prestige and will not comment on the findings of a report issued by the fact-finding committee formed by the former finance minister – although it’s pending before the judiciary. T

his is because the company is fully convinced of the fairness and integrity of the Kuwaiti judiciary, and the losing company previously submitted the report to the court and a company commented on it while the cases are still pending before the judiciary.

Therefore, the company is satisfied with this comment at present time. As for what affected the company and its employees on the insult to its integrity and reputation, the company retains its legal and moral right to respond legally to every violation that affects its employees.

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