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Converting Muslim kids

Who to blame?

With the wave of Arab-Muslim migration that swept through Europe, America, Canada and elsewhere, many Muslim families experienced change in the nature and behavior of their children, especially among those who sent their children to free Catholic religious schools — the most prevalent in these countries, unlike the families who can afford expenses in other schools.

These families complained that their children became Christians, refusing not only to keep up with their parents in prayer according to the Islamic Shari’a, but they also wore crosses and displayed pictures of Christ and Virgin Mary in their bedrooms.

Accordingly, the Sunni Scholars Association of Canada lodged an official protest at the Canadian Ministry of Education against the action of Catholic schools, saying these schools are working to convert Muslim students to Christianity.

After the three-month investigation conducted by the government, it was found that the concerned children converted to Christianity and followed rituals of their own free will although the schools gave them the right or freedom to remain or leave religious classes. The schools never forced them to attend the liturgy or perform ecclesiastical prayer, but they opted to be present in churches and stay there, and then they asked the church to baptize them as Christians.

It was also reported that hundreds of thousands of Muslims have converted to Christianity in Canada alone in the past 10 years. I personally doubt these allegations and it is not worthy to respond to them.

The Canadian Ministry of Education said in response to the Association of Sunni Scholars in Canada that Muslim parents who are afraid their children will be evangelized must not send them to Catholic schools if they do not have confidence in them, adding that the ministry, in pursuit of the truth, did not find any pressure from administrations of these schools on students.

The truth is that the story, which is fairly true, is any immigrant family, especially if they come from a restrictive culture, is afraid the children will be influenced by the culture or religion of the new country where they moved to. Nevertheless, the complaint of the Association of Sunni Scholars in Canada is strange.

The issue is about families insisting on sending their children to free Catholic schools and then complain that their children were baptized. This is similar to the situation of families who voluntarily send their children to war, and then write petitions to the government protesting their children’s death in that war.

This issue also revealed the reality of the miserable situation experienced by Muslim communities in Western countries which, historically, have been faster than others in the construction of houses of worship — often sectarian, as well as the framing and reconstruction of their graves. But at the same time, they completely forgot the construction of schools and institutes, let alone universities and this is expected behavior.

Those who failed to build in their countries will inevitably fail to do so in others. The reason may be due to their conviction that building such places of Science is not a reward, even in their own countries, so how is the matter in the countries where they migrated to?

Now, do you know why we are at the bottom?

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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