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Thursday , April 22 2021

Confusion at Kuwait airport after suspension of flights

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 21: A state of confusion was experienced at Kuwait Airport after announcing the suspension of commercial flights to and from Kuwait, starting from 11 pm  Kuwait time, until  January 1, 2021, everyone was surprised by the decision to suspend by the health authorities. The decision is subject to review except, cargo flights have been excluded from this decision.

It was noticed that travel agencies were trying to obtain any tickets to the available countries on available flights before the airport was closed at exactly 11 p.m. There were many cases of crying among a number of girls who could not leave Kuwait.  

The Director of Operations Department of DGCA at Kuwait Airport, Mansour Al-Hashemi, was present at Kuwait Airport and followed up on the operation of a number of departing flights from Kuwait International Airport and to overcome all obstacles and difficulties in front of travelers  

Abdul Hadi Al-Marri a passenger at Kuwait International Airport said “I was surprised by the government’s decision to stop flying to and from Kuwait, and it caused me and a lot of great loss in addition as my flight was supposed to be tomorrow  and I booked it for 50 dinars, but after the decision issued today the price reached 400 dinars.

He further stated that we waited for more than 3-4 hours for our travel procedures to be completed, not like other companies such as Kuwait airlines, calling on the government to not take such sudden decisions that disrupts the interests of people, reports Al Anba. He thanked the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Kuwait, Bandar bin Muhammad Abdullah Al-Attiyah, for overcoming all difficulties and obstacles before us, asking the Almighty to lift the epidemic from Kuwait and all Muslim countries.

Abdulaziz Al-Enezi said that the cabinet decision that was taken is an unfair decision on the travelers as Kuwaitis who had made reservations and were supposed to arrive where they should go?

Al-Enezi asked, “What is the benefit of closing the airport for a period of 10 days and then reopening it again? What is the use of these ten days, calling on the government to review this decision, which affected many families?”

Tawfiq Al-Faraj, he said that the decision to prevent flying to and from Kuwait came at a time of the spread of the virus in Britain and coincided with the closure of a number of our neighboring countries stating that the decision to close is to protect health.

He pointed out that the cabinet’s decision was decisive by issuing this decision for the sake of all of us, he further stated that Kuwait will not neglect its citizens who were stranded.

Jaber Al-Muhanna said that we appreciate the efforts of the Council of Ministers in these precautions by issuing a decision to stop flying to and from Kuwait International Airport, which are necessary to limit this epidemic,shutting of ports should have been postponed for two or three days so that a number of families could have arranged other alternatives. Sudden decisions created confusion among people.

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