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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Confusion & army of illegals

Years ago, the previous government entered in an issue that no government was concerned with, which is the recruitment of domestic servants. Its goal was to eliminate the mafia of private recruitment offices, and if it had succeeded at that time, it might have extended its activities to build citizens’ homes to eliminate the manipulation of contractors.

As expected by the recruitment office owners, the project failed to achieve its goals and since its inception seven or eight years ago, it has not been able to recruit more than 1,500 female workers.
Most of those who took over the management of this miserable company did not fail to belittle its value, and the transgressions of some of them were the subject of parliamentary questions, and a reason for the dismissal and appointment of more than one board of directors of the company, without any of them succeeding in achieving anything, and the last of these attempts was the appointment of retired Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Ali as its president.

I do not think that he is happy with what he has accomplished or did not accomplish, and he may face difficulties and have to fight several parties, but he may succeed in achieving what others have failed in because of his different spirit and his known discipline, and we do not forget that the Corona pandemic had a profound negative impact on the company’s situation.

The government has one or two ways to remedy the miserable situation of this company – one, dissolution of the company, getting rid of headaches and financial losses and, two, exploiting the opportunity of having a new and capable administration, and assisting it in modifying the status of the recruitment of domestic workers through appropriate solutions to the problems facing citizens and residents, such as the burdensome cost of employment for many, and the disputes that arise between the worker and the head of the family, and other matters.
In order for the company to achieve this success, it requires to develop a clear plan according to which it operates, and receives direct support from the highest executive authority.

It is really worth it, especially if we know that the current employment mafia is backed by influential parties that can obstruct and fail the company’s business, if left without government support.
Perhaps the beginning is to grant the company the right to recruit between 1000 and 3000 male and female workers on its sponsorship, so that it, in turn, lends these to those wishing to employ them in exchange for clear monthly or annual contracts that preserve the rights of the three parties to the contract so that those who do not wish to work, or who are dissatisfying to the employers or wants to serve temporarily, to return the worker to the company which will have accommodation centers where all living conditions are available.

The company will also have the right to request the transfer of residency for those who want from citizens or residents.
The company will also have a major role in ridding us of the problem of a large percentage of visa violators, especially marginal workers whose number, according to official figures, is close to two hundred thousand and their situation is considered a ticking time bomb.

We have witnessed their unorganized rush for vaccination as a result of mismanagement of the Ministries of Health and the Interior, a view that raises confusion and pity and is evidence of the inhumanity of our government and people towards this oppressed group.
Give Abdel Fattah al-Ali what he needs and then hold him accountable.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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