Wednesday , February 20 2019

Conditions required to obtain driving license

I always appreciate the work of the Arab Times Legal clinic. I have the following queries about the driving license. 1. What are the conditions for getting a driving license ? 2. Currently my visa status is Supervisor of safety & security team & working in KOC, am I eligible to apply for driving licence. 3. In my work permit my salary status is KD 450.

Name withheld

Answer: The following three conditions are necessary to fulfil before applying for a driving licence granting that you have not been granted an exemption from fulfilling any or all of them. 1. Have a university degree 2. Earn at least KD 600 a month 3. Must have been a resident of Kuwait for at least two years at the time that you submit in the application. We do not know if you meet the first and third conditions but it is clear you don’t meet the second condition so on the basis of that unless you get an exemption you are not qualified to apply for a driving licence.

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