Monday , February 18 2019

Company suspended me for making mistake – Will I get transfer?

I’m currently working in a company for the last three years. This company hired me from India; some issues occurred in the company with me in the past month for which I got a final warning letter and again I made another mistake for which I got suspended from July 9.

My question is will I get transfer or the company can send me back to India, what can be the consequences? Please help me to understand what are the rules in Kuwait in these cases.

Name withheld

Answer: You have not told us the nature of the mistake that you committed. If these mistakes are work-related and for which you were warned and finally suspended then the issue will end there after you have served the term of suspension.

If the company does not require your services again after serving the suspension the company will be duly-bound to give you three months notice period and after which time they will also be obliged to give you transfer.

On the other hand if the mistake committed has criminal undertones, the company may give you two choices either to agree to be sent back to India or be handed over to the police to deal with the issue. If at the end of the day nothing untoward is found against you, you can file a case against the company and it will be compelled to give a transfer as well as your termination benefits.

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