Company says “To get indemnity have to work for 5 yrs”

After 4 years of work in Kuwait in a private company with 2 years contract (automatically renewed) I gave my 3 month notification to resign. When I asked the company for indemnity for 4 years the management answered that I am not entitled to receive indemnity because I have not completed 5 years of work.

Please, can you update if there are some recent changes to the Kuwait labor law (now, 2017) for the limit of working years to get the right for indemnity.

How many years of work with an employer have to be completed to get the right for indemnity? What is the minimum limit of years that have to work to get the right for indemnity when one resigns?

Name withheld

Answer: Under the Kuwait Labour law, one has to work for at least three years continuously to be entitled for indemnity. To the best of our knowledge, no change has been made to this three-year minimum requirement to be entitled for indemnity.

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