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Company says “Family visa to company visa not transferable”

My friends wife came to Kuwait from India on family visa nearly ten years ago. Now she has joined a reputed company and wants to transfer her visa to Article 18. The company is saying that it is not possible to transfer her visa and are willing to provide her a visa. She should cancel her family visa and go back to India and come back on their visa. Can you please confirm whether it is possible to transfer her family visa to work visa or not. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

Name withheld

Answer: We are at a loss as to why the company is saying that your friend’s wife family visa cannot be transferred to Visa 18. We say this because to the best of hour knowledge the rules governing transfer of Visa 22 (family visa) to Visa 18 (work visa) have not been changed.

We however, suspect that the company has the intention to keep your friend’s wife for at least three years as stipulated by the Labour Law hence the company’s bid to make her cancel her family visa, leave Kuwait and return on the company’s visa.

If your friend’s wife trusts that company can get her a new visa and also does not mind being tied with the company for three years, then she can go along with the company’s initiative. If she however has some doubt, then our advice is that she should reject the company’s proposal and look for another company which can do the transfer.

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