Company not accepting resignation, passport with company

I am working as an engineer for a company for the past seven years in Kuwait. My visa is company visa only. Now I got an opening with very good salary in another company. My company is not accepting my resignation. My passport is with the company. I don’t know what to do next. Please guide me to take the next step.

Name withheld
Answer: Your company is wrong in refusing to accept your resignation as this flies in the face of Kuwait Labour Law. If the company brought you to Kuwait from your country of origin, they were legally allowed to keep you, working for them for three years after which you were entitled to ask for a release or resign and go back to your country. On the other hand if you joined them from another company could have left them even before completing one year on condition that you hold a university degree. Having said this, we will still advise that you try again to see if you can talk to them to accept your resignation even if this will mean taking your case to a more senior official in the company. If this attempt fails, then you will have no other alternative than to file a case with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Department in your area.

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