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Company has no plan to renew residence – Temporary residence stamped by the company

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I am an accountant currently working in Kuwait for the last two years. At joining time there was a contract for 2 years and after that as per mutual agreement (written in contract paper). This October I completed my 2-year contract and the company has stamped 3 months extension in my passport. I contacted my office and they told me after extension period upto January Kuwaiti has no plan to renew my residence.

But I don’t have any notice from the office or management till date and I want to apply for another job outside but because of the extension visa I can’t apply for any job outside. Please help me what can I do? Please advise me a good solution.

Name withheld

Answer: Nothing prevents you from applying for a job outside especially that you have been told that the Kuwaiti owner of the company has no plan to renew your residence. We, however, advise that you seek clarity from the Kuwaiti as to what he intends to do about your residence. If he confirms what you have been told, then ask if he will be willing to give you a transfer to another sponsor. If the answer is ‘yes’ then go ahead with your search for a new job. On the other hand if he says ‘no’ then we are afraid you have to wind up your activities in Kuwait and leave the country before the expiry of the 3-month extension period. Note that the two-year contract you signed has been executed and the sponsor is under no obligation to extend it if he doesn’t want to.

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