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Monday , September 26 2022

Company closing want release

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Hello … I am presently working as an accountant in the private sector for this company for the last 1 year and 3 months. My company is facing some problems and will be closing down. Previously my boss told me if I need release he could give me. But now he is saying he is going to cancel my visa which is valid till December 2020, and stamp 3 months extension visa for me. But I don’t want to cancel my visa, rather I want to get a release and transfer my visa. I have already completed one year and my visa has been renewed for 1 more year. In this case can I transfer my visa? Will I be able to transfer?

Name withheld

Answer: If the company is being closed down as you indicated, then the company owners are legally bound to give you the opportunity to join another company by releasing you. The company will be breaking the law if your request for a release is not granted and we suggest that should your current sponsors insist that they will not grant you a release, then we suggest that you file a case against them at the Public Authority for Manpower through the Labor Office in your area.

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