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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Committee’s interest in agriculture sector vital

Sector entrusted to ensure food security

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 25: The head of the National Assembly’s Agricultural and Food Security Committee, Dr Badr Al-Dhahoum said Agricultural Committee’s interest in the agricultural sector is of great importance because this sector is entrusted to ensure food security, during which the Kuwaiti farmer has proved his responsibility during the crises the country is going through. He said this was best evidenced and witnessed during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that created turmoil in Kuwait and all over the world when each country shut the doors for the outside world to protect itself from the infections.

Head of the Agricultural Committee, Dr Badr Al-Dhahoum, President of the Farmers’ Union, Abdullah Al-Damak and farmers pose for photo after tour of the area.

During this time the Kuwaiti farmer stood out by providing trucks full of local produce which exceeded twenty varieties which were distributed free for residents in the quarantine areas, where Kuwaitis and residents, as well as masses of workers and front line workers benefited. This came in a press statement after his tour of a number of Abdali farms, during which he was accompanied by the President of the Kuwaiti Farmers Union, Abdullah Al-Damak, members of the Federation’s Board of Directors, and a large group of farmers who, along with their union, provided a detailed explanation of the most prominent concerns and problems the farmers face in agricultural areas, both in Wafra and Abdali. Al-Dhahoum promised the farmers that the Agricultural Committee will stand by them and support them in proposing draft laws urgently, which would be a major supporter of the Kuwaiti farmers, and there would be coordination and cooperation with the president and members of the Kuwaiti Farmers Union, as well as with every farmer, until all their demands are heard and met.

For his part, Al-Damak, affirmed that the head of the National Assembly’s Agricultural Committee, Dr. Bader Al-Dhahoum listened with all graciousness the hardships of the farmers and the services that must be provided in agricultural areas, especially in light of the scarcity of fresh water and the need to increase water stations and pumps in these areas, to increase the pumping capacity of treated water, and raise water pressure, especially in the summer.

Al-Damak explained the Kuwaiti farmer has great hopes that many draft laws will be adopted that are of interest to the agricultural sector, and “we have no doubt about the support of the Chairman and members of the Agricultural and Food Security Committee of the National Assembly.”

By Abdel Nasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff

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