Monday , October 23 2017

Co-ops plan to employ 3000 Kuwaitis, expats

KUWAIT CITY, March 4, (Agencies): Union of Cooperative Societies plans to employ up to 3,000 citizens at the cooperative markets and hire non-Kuwaitis for jobs for which nationals show no interest.

Fehaid Al-Htaitah, the federation deputy chairman, indicated in a statement, on Saturday, that the decision was taken following a recent meeting that grouped officials from Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Public Authority for Applied Education (PAAET), Manpower and Government Restructuring Program and representatives of societies. Talks at this meeting dealt with plans to habilitate the new Kuwaiti employees, providing them with insurance, regular payment raises and sustainable work contracts.

A meeting will be held soon at headquarters of the Civil Service Commission headquarters for organizing training courses for the Kuwaitis who would be hired for the jobs at the societies. The cooperative union was established in 1971.

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