Clear-cut message to all – ‘Join world for peace’

During a conference in Herzliya, Israel, in 2013 the former CIA Director James Woolsey stated the West is fighting a ‘third world war’ based on religion.

He pointed out on one side there are the religious fanatics — Shiites, Sunnis, who have different concepts about jihad and thereafter.

Woolsey said the US administration find it difficult to deal with jihad from religious perspective. The US Constitution allows freedom of religion and therefore seeking victory against the Islamic militants is confusing.

He considers it a necessity on the part of the governments of the so-called hard-line religious states to look for a way to control the behavior of people, and that the best way to do it is to cut off the sources of income of these countries, especially the sponsors of terrorism, and push them towards bankruptcy and then work to change the concepts of religion.

Hillary Clinton, a favorite to win the US elections, said in a speech, you need to pay attention to prevent the spread of religious extremism and counter the attempts of DAESH and other international terrorist organizations, and prevent them from taking a root in the United States and Europe. Clinton also said it is time for some of the Gulf states and others, to stop its citizens from supporting extremist terrorist organizations.

Another candidate, Donald Trump, who is contesting for the White House, has issued threats against the Gulf states more than once. He has pledged to take serious actions against the Gulf States if he wins the elections.

I have mentioned three examples about the intentions of the West towards us which are not crystal clear. We have ignored the threats against us for a long time. Actually we never took them seriously.

To the contrary some of our governments adopt a lenient policy and continue to be submissive. We are in an urgent need to revise our political speech and our situations against the powers of darkness and backwardness and to do this we are running short of time.

The State should review the educational curriculums without wasting more time and monitor the places of worship in all spectrums of society. Frankly speaking there is no category less dangerous than the other.

We urgently need to prove to the peace-loving countries around the world that we are with them, and to prove it, beyond any doubt, we must not endorse or support any terrorist organization, and not allow our citizens to support them — financially or materially. Did u get the message?


The British novelist George Orwell, 1903-1950, author of the book (1948), the ‘Animal Farm’, one of the most famous books in history said: ‘A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims … but accomplices’.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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