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Clarity on medicine prices

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 15: The Kuwaiti Pharmaceutical Society has called on the Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed to investigate what was recently published in the social media, by a doctor that the Ministry had purchased a therapeutic drug at a highly exaggerated price, reports Al-Qabas daily. The society added in a statement, the ministry is required to issue an official statement on the results of the investigation into the incident stressing on the need to take all deterrent legal measures against those found guilty to bring justice and do away with suspicious elements, reject the systematic continuation of abuse of the pharmacy sector recalling the active and vital role played by the sector during the Corona pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health issued a clarification regarding the prices for the supply of Roxonin 60mg, noting that the ministry’s contract prices are 56% lower than the price in the private sector. The ministry added in a statement, “In order to uphold the principle of transparency and fairness and the efforts of the ministry’s workers, the contract quantity for the aforementioned brand is 10 million pills, not 10,000, and the price of the supply pack of 40 pills for the ministry is 2.3 dinars, at 0.057 fils per pill, while the price of the item in the private sector for a pack of 20 tablets is 2.6 dinars, at a price of 0.130 fils per pill.”

The sourced indicated that, according to previous data, the ministry’s contract price of the same variety is 0.0725 fil less per pill than the private sector, and the ministry’s contract price for the aforementioned item is 56% lower than the price of the private sector. The ministry noted that it reserves its legal right against anyone who circulates incorrect information without proof and makes an attempt to discredit its members who perform their national and professional duty.

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