Sunday , January 20 2019

Charity needed to pay of my debts

I don’t know this is a right or not but something needs to be done to get out of my situation. I am in debts from top to bottom and need monetary assistance. If your company or channel can help that would be great. I am sure there must be 500+ employees you should be possessing. If everyone can donate a charity of 10 dinars for 4 Fridays I will be out of my situation and will be able to live a normal life. I was jobless for last month and now I am getting a job of KD 200 to 300 but this take a long time for me to accumulate this huge funds and meanwhile, I will loose my house.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, the Arab Times is not a charity organisation but offers this column on problem basis for our readers to seek answers to questions that bother them especially with regard to labour issues on the basis of this, we are unable to entertain your request but advise that you channel it to the many charity organisations that dot Kuwait.


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