Friday , February 22 2019

Change seen in victory – ‘Practice what you preach’

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf

The more the Muslim Brotherhood group and the revolutionaries in the Levant attacked Donald Trump prior to and following his election to the White House, I am convinced that I was not wrong in throwing my support behind the Republican candidate.

Although I sometimes found myself hesitant in supporting Trump because we are fed up of over forty years of reluctant US policies and the tricks of Republicans and Democrats, after all it might be a blessing in disguise for us that a strange and bearish man becomes the next President of America.

Our relationship with the future is not determined by what the American President did or what he said twenty years ago, but what we are concerned about is he might have solutions for issues which are more than 70 years old.

Our relations with him shall not be defined according to his behavior with that actress or what he said about that woman. The number of his marriages cannot interfere with our relations with America.

If I were a Palestinian or a Syrian I would be pleased at Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office. He might have a solution to end the ages old sufferings. We have to take advantage of a stubborn and aggressive person like Donald Trump who is the right person to deal with such terrorist organizations.

As a Gulf citizen, I ought to feel elated because that man will eventually do something that our government did not dare do. It’s time to take action. We do not want the Muslim Brotherhood in our region, or in any other region.

The former US Democratic administration found the hope in them and for long it supported them and their rule in Egypt. The victory for Hillary Clinton would give them a good opportunity, but their hopes are gone with the wind.

Did not the Ministry of Interior rise up to the occasion because a Kuwaiti woman with all her fair senses felt hurt when she saw a Buddhist praying on our seashore?

I wonder where was that humanitarian feeling when we refused to receive the Iraqis, the Syrians and other refugees. And why did we refuse them entry into our rich countries? Why did we not open our borders for everyone although I am not asking for it? However, Trump did not demand more than what we did, but we criticized him when he did or asked for the same thing.

Yes Trump, is a racist, but are we less racist than him? Do we allow, for example, the printing and distribution of the Bible in our libraries, let alone teaching it in our schools?

Why do we prevent others from displaying Christmas trees in their shops, or celebrate other festivals such as Christmas and New Year in hotels or public places? Why do we consider them infidel practices? And after all this we are protesting because Trump described us as ‘terrorist’?


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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