Sunday , October 21 2018

Center conducts organ transplant operations on expatriates for free – ‘Patient needs to present donor’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 26: Dr Mustafa Al-Mousawi recently disclosed that Hamed Al-Essa Medical Center conducts organ transplant operations on expatriates for free as long as the patient presents a donor from among his relatives or even a stranger, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Concerning the guiding principle of the patient waiting list, Dr Al- Mousawi said the center follows a transparent system wherein the priority list is arranged according to points earned by patients in consequence of their medical condition and age.

“However, child patients are prioritized before the youth and elderly people”, he stressed. He explained that patients with ‘donor cards’ have the right of treatment before others only if the card was obtained five years before detecting their illness.

He explained that patients on dialysis earn more points even if the system gives no room for favoritism and influence (wasta).

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