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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Celebration of American paranoia

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

EVERY empire has an end. The end of an empire usually starts when it feels it has the utmost power that can enable it to control the entire world.

This was exactly how the Roman Empire collapsed. Its leaders thought their empire had the right to capture the whole world for the sake of their citizens’ prosperity. However, the Roman Empire had not learnt a lesson from the experience of its sister, the Greek Empire. As a result, the old world countries had united against it and that empire eventually fell.

Modern history also witnessed the fall of the Ottoman Empire due to its implementation of a number of laws that did not take into consideration the international relations and the sovereignty of the people.

The same is happening with the United States of America. It seems the American leaders have not read history well especially the military history of their own country. Due to their ignorance and led by enthusiasm, they have started scripting the last act of the ‘Uncle Sam’ Empire in the last two decades. They used the same demolition tool represented by issuance of a series of laws that contradict the international protocols, treaties and laws.

The law called “Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism” is the latest in the series of laws that challenge the UN Charter and are based on an aggressive principle towards the sovereignty of countries. This law paves way for other countries to drag the USA to the International Criminal Court and accuse the leaders of that country from the time of the World War II until Barak Obama for the countless crimes committed by USA against humanity starting from the use of mass destruction weapons in Hiroshima to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

This law of ‘paranoia’ seems to be targeting Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries as well as Islamic countries. Nevertheless, the core objective of the law is increased American domination of the world.

This law will force other countries of the world to issue similar laws in order to protect their citizens from the American arbitrariness. These countries will deal with American citizens who are involved in terrorist groups and mercenary companies based on the same law, and then the USA will be blamed for the behavior of its terrorist citizens.

This shortsightedness has revealed the electoral mentality of the powerful countries which is not different from that of the Third World countries where political bribery determines who will become lawmakers.

When we follow the American electoral campaigns, we will notice that using public passions and responding to the desire for extremism which was evoked by the American media are the reasons behind the issuance of the abovementioned law with the aim of gaining more votes for the candidates vying for Congress in the coming elections.

Those who issued the law against the sponsors of terrorism are the ones on whom the law must be enforced. It is the CIA that had formed terrorist groups in most countries worldwide since the beginning of the 20th century, starting with Cuba. It sponsored gangs of assassins and drug smugglers in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East such as al-Qaeda, the Jihadists of Chechnya as well as the DAESH, which was born in the American nursery in Iraq. Therefore, this American law must be enforced first on America before any other country.

This American law should also be enforced on France which committed horrible massacres in Algeria and other French colonies. It should be enforced on Great Britain, Russia and the rest of the imperial countries. We ask those countries to look into the mirror of truth so that they can see their faces and hands that are stained with the blood of many nations before they clap their hands for this American law.

We ask the American politicians to study the Kuwaiti adage — “Do not rejoice over a wedding today when tomorrow will witness the divorce”.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times