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Thursday , January 23 2020

‘Celebrate the diversity’


A funny statistics show the following real results, assuming that the population of the world is only 100 people: first, half of the population is female and the other half male. Twenty-five of them, or 25%, are between the ages of 14 and 34 years old and 66% between 15 and 64 years of age, and 9% above 65.

Sixty per cent of the Earth’s population lives in Asia, 16 per cent in Africa, 10 per cent in Europe, 9 per cent in South America and 5 per cent in North America.

We also find that 31% are Christians, 23% are Muslims, 16% are non-religious, or infidel! We will find 15% embraces Hinduism, 7% Buddhism, and 8% following other religions. As for language, 12% speak Chinese, 6% Spanish, 5% English, 4% Hindi, 3% Arabic, 3% Bengali, 3% Portuguese, 2% Russian and 2% Japanese. The remaining 60 per cent speak thousands of other languages.

Add to this 86% are educated, 14% are illiterate, 7% have university degrees. On the standard of living, 91% have drinking water, 11% sleep hungry, 11% live on less than $2 a day, 82% have electricity, 65% have mobile phones.

The good of this study is that it did not address the role or contribution of each group in the industrial, technical, medical, and economic output of the rest of the groups, thus saving us something of keeping face and dignity.

We all believe that the world is rich in colors, food, languages, forms, songs, rites, customs, clothes, religions, beliefs and tendencies, all of which show the secret of the beauty of the universe, not ugliness, as some of us think, and how we should change others to become just like us, from the point of language, ideology, thought and food.

Who are we to believe that we are the best in our language and the most beautiful in our beliefs and the best in our customs and traditions, and the finest in our behavior and the most beautiful in our forms?

If the people of the world tend to eat the same food, wear the same clothes and have the same tastes, then living on this world would be dull and boring, and therefore we must celebrate this diversity and accept this difference, enjoy this multi-ethnicity and cultural diversity, and seek to identify and coexist with the peoples of the earth.

There is no one who is the best and most beautiful and smarter than the other, all of us have our advantages and disadvantages and points of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore our prestige among the nations is determined by the services and materials and creativity for ourselves and others.

The best on earth are the best in good deeds and most generous to others and himself, and the most loving and merciful to himself and to others.


We congratulate the Ambassador of Kuwait to Cuba, His Excellency Muhammad Khalaf, for being decorated with Knight of the Order of Academic Palms Award for his cultural contributions.

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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