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‘Cats’ breath of fresh air – Gift in times of stress

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
When I lived in London I had the pleasure of attending the first show of the universal musical ‘Cats’ which will run for four days from Feb 9 to 12, at the Opera House in Kuwait. Since I will be outside the country, I will miss the opportunity to watch this musical again.

The musical ‘Cats’, which was staged for the first time more than 35 years ago, is one of the most popular and successful British musical, which contains the famous song ‘Memory’ which has already been sung by many singers, including the world famous ‘Barbara Streisand’.

The music for the play is provided by world renowned composer Andrew Lloyd Webber based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by the novelist and great writer T.S. Eliot. The director has succeeded in transforming it into an artistic masterpiece.

The play was first presented at the Broadway in New York in 1982 and has been a great success, and continued its successful march for eighteen years. In the London Theaters it was run for 21 consecutive years.

The musical has won universal awards. Many international artistes have gained fame through participation in it.

The musical ‘Cats’ is considered the fourth biggest performance in terms of durability that has been presented at the Broadway since it was staged from 1997 until 2016 after the Phantom of The Opera, composed by the same artiste.

‘Cats’ has been performed in dozens of countries and translated into more than twenty languages, in addition to turning it into movie for the TV.

I thank the management of the Opera House for the valuable cultural gift to the people who have been thirsting for more than thirty years for this artistic touch after they were deprived by the forces of extremism and backwardness of the religious parties.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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