Sunday , September 23 2018

Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

Expat … importance of health insurance

In a wealthy country that enjoys security, opulence and high individual income, it is natural for the people — in this case Kuwait, to live in comfort and security; hence, it is possible for some types of jobs to be done by expatriates, because such jobs are categorized as low …

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A cup of hot coffee

The best thing in coffee is the timing. The great thing about a perfectly timed cup of coffee is that it’s in your hand the instant you crave it. One of life’s most exquisite moments is that in which a small luxury becomes a necessity — Mourid Al-Barghouti There are …

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Courteous speech, no value

“You can fool all the people some of the time and some people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln. When you start writing any article, you first start with the main idea of the article because the idea is the …

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Invasion Iraqi, not Saddami

‘In politics, there are no permanent enemies or friends, only permanent interests’: Winston Churchill By Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi Looking at history, credibility of historical tales, the responsibilities of historians and integrity of historiography, we must call a spade a spade. The issue has nothing to do with enmity or peace, …

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Closed … and worrying

“SOMETIMES, leaders do the opposite of fighters’ intent in the battlefield.” In the past days, I have been trying to get ideas to write an article but as it appears, I wasn’t prepared to write and I did not find any reason that stopped me from doing so, apart from …

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Stream that wished to be sea!

“Some roosters believe the sun rises because of them” – German novelist Theodore Fontane (1819-1898). Is it possible for a stream to grow and become a sea? I did not say; the ambition of a young person to grow and becoming sublime. Let us say a stream wishes to become …

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Crisis with no winners

“… Do not quarrel with each other lest you fail or lose honor…” — Holy Quran 9:46. From the several observations of our daily briefings on the unfortunate Gulf crisis, and by following up developments of this crisis, we could deduce our analysis or impression about this crisis — the …

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Month of blessings, mercy – Rewards doubled

The month of Ramadan is considered a generous guest, because rewards are doubled for good deeds during the period, as declared by Allah the Almighty in various verses of the Holy Quran – with its distinguished features. In the Holy Quran, Allah says the book was revealed in the month …

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Tortoise vs highbred horse – ‘Tread carefully’

“I wish religion enters politicians, rather than religious people entering politics.” — renowned Islamic cleric, Muhammad Mitwali Al-Sharawi (1911 – 1998) Crises always contain lessons to benefit from. One of the current unfortunate political crises witnessed in the region has demonstrated the risks involved in the use of political media …

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The learned plumber – It’s a matter of survival

‘Mr. Plumber’ “What is most important; to live or pretend to have lived?” Brazilian lyricist Paulo Coelho MANY people may look down on the profession of fixing sanitary ware— popularly known as plumbing, to the point of considering it a menial job. It’s widely believed that people taking up such …

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