Tuesday , January 23 2018


No to dualism … yes to ‘respect’ for laws

LAWS were not enacted vainly. They were sanctioned, either unilaterally in some cases by the Executive Authority or in partnership with the Legislative Authority when considering national representation; hence, the operative law should be enforced, otherwise, it should be abolished. This is due to the fact that if a valid …

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Docs need legal protection against trumped-up cases

How will doctors feel secure while doing their work if they are afraid that arbitrary proceedings might be taken against them through the Criminal Law? Due to a legislative shortfall in laws regulating the medical profession, these laws cannot make doctors feel secure nor provide a suitable working atmosphere for …

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Review the Constitution … fix the regulations

NO ONE in Kuwait wishes for lame constitutional establishments that do not perform their duties efficiently, although there is a bitter fact proven by the resignation of the government with regard to the political calmness which is currently overwhelming the National Assembly. At present, members of the Parliament cannot engage …

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Lebanon … Hariri solution or ‘burn’

RESIGNED Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Al-Hariri set the record straight in his interview with ‘Future TV’ on what is supposed to be done in the coming days for Lebanon to avert a situation which is worse than the one ‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’ has dragged it into and the latter’s interference …

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In memory of a mashhad lost to a hate older than time

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: Dr Richard Piran McClary presented a detailed account of the mashhad of Imãm Yahyã ibn al-Qãsim in Mosul at a lecture held at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre on Monday evening, as part of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s 23rd cultural season. Dr McClary, a PhD in Art …

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Hezb Al-Shaytan here is the reality

IN THE past few days, the ‘Hezbollah’ group has been raising a whirlwind in confronting the resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri. Its Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah considers the resignation a statement “written by Saudi ink” and it is not from the Lebanese Future Movement’s rhetoric. This assumption comes …

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Parties need to be familiar with the term ‘Extraterritorial Jurisdiction’

Cross border employment can be a very complex matter because oftentimes employers and employees alike are unclear of which laws apply to their situation. All parties should make themselves familiar with the term ‘Extraterritorial Jurisdiction’, which is a government’s ability to exercise authority beyond its normal boundaries. In this article, …

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‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’: time for retribution

IT HAS become clear that decisiveness is imminent, while the sword of retribution is close to the neck of Hezbollah and its Iran backer. This is the reason why both of them should not trivialize the messages being sent by Arab and western countries. The current situation is different from …

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‘Night is the best time’

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” — French statesman and military leader Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) Before I proceed, I would like to explain the title of this article which seems strange and it is strange indeed. The story behind the title is that a few days ago, in one …

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