Tuesday , September 18 2018


Saudi and Gulf position to wake the world from its slumber

WHEN the world turned its back on Yemen in 2011, the Yemenis were left with only the GCC countries to rescue them by laying down a mechanism to resolve the crisis that enveloped their country and to wipe out the cup of civil war from their lips. The war hardly …

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Success of George Soros

‘Quit envy’ Some people describe businessman and billionaire George Soros as the man of Israeli money and the Jewish financial machine.  They also hurled other accusations at him.  None of them reaches the level of accusation, but this is only in the eyes of our people. The rest of the …

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Update tied to Commercial Agencies Law to ease process for long-term agencies

Principals and agents should be aware of the procedural update in connection with the Commercial Agencies Law. Ministerial Decision No. 565 of 2017 for the Issue of the Executive Bylaws of the Law No. 13 of 2016 Concerning the Regulation of Commercial Agencies was enacted in late 2017 to provide …

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Critical thinking

Lives at risk I constantly receive a lot of meaningless and ridiculous messages through the social media application ‘WhatsApp’, such that I often wonder: How did the sender accept or believe the contents of such messages? Someone who is supposed to be a teacher, educated and with a degree of awareness …

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Mother of Iranian wars and mother of Saddamite battles

FROM the ‘Mother of Battles’ slogan coined by Saddam Hussein in 1991 to the ‘Mother of Wars’ which Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is bragging about, there has been a rotating comic reel of history. In both cases, the target of the challenge is the United States first, the region second …

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Blood money complexities

Societies at risk The pace of collecting blood money escalated recently, and there has been controversy over such collection and its legality. Consequently, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subeeh announced that a regulation will be issued very soon on the collection of donations for the purpose of resolving …

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Renaissance of Oman … Sultanate of renaissances

THE Sultanate of Oman is folding the 48th page of its renaissance book which started in 1970 as it opens a new and brighter page in all fields — politics, economy and development, based on the wise and realistic vision of Sultan Qabous bin Saeed who devoted himself to working …

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Converting Muslim kids

Who to blame? With the wave of Arab-Muslim migration that swept through Europe, America, Canada and elsewhere, many Muslim families experienced change in the nature and behavior of their children, especially among those who sent their children to free Catholic religious schools — the most prevalent in these countries, unlike …

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In order not to be bitten twice from the same hole

IT IS true that the ongoing events in Iraq are considered an internal issue related to demanding better living standards after 15 years of suffering caused by perverse attitude toward reality. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to be cautious. In fact, the highest alert level is necessary, because today’s Iraq …

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‘What you didn’t realize’

In a previous article, I had criticized the miserable conditions prevalent in the Free Trade Zone. I talked about how it has transformed into a place for stray dogs, large quantities of garbage and vacant buildings. I called upon Minister of Commerce and Industry to restore its former role. What …

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