Tuesday , September 18 2018


Kuwait a hostage to unending crises

WE hardly came out of the citizenship revocation crisis when we entered the forgery related crisis, then the land grabbing scandal surfaced suddenly. Before the situation calmed down, the storm blew over forged certificates in all segments of society and government departments, which dwarfed the previous crises. There are several …

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Always be aware of laws regulating work contract

Workers must be aware of the end-of-service pay or indemnity explained and detailed in the Private Sector Labor Law for them to understand why they got a certain amount as indemnity. Despite the calculations they have in mind, they have to know if the amount they received is in accordance …

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‘You are Kuwait’s hope’

‘Waiting for you’ Respectable Sir, I reiterate what I mentioned in an earlier article that I do not know you. I only met you once or twice during social occasions. However, I just remembered yesterday that you were the reason behind my resignation from the Society for the Defense of …

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‘Saudi Arabia is in my thoughts’

In commemoration of the brutal Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, analyses and commentaries by historians and politicians are bountiful about this big historic event. In reality, my responsibility as a writer obliges me to be absolutely neutral or at least semi-neutral about anything I write. This is to preserve the honesty …

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Mohammad VI … El-Hoceima inspires the determination

KING MOHAMMAD VI usually surprises all segments in Morocco with a position expressing the situation of his people while pushing officials to face challenges squarely in the service of the nation. Whoever listened to the speech he delivered to commemorate the 19th anniversary of his ascension to the throne would …

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Are they not ashamed?

Flagrant violations The Kuwaiti law states that forgery of documents and official papers is a continuous crime, so it is not subject to the statute of limitations except on the day of ceasing to hold the document or giving it up. Immediately after the eruption of the forged and fake …

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Hamad Bin Jassem … I will remind you if you have forgotten

FORMER Qatari prime minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem said on Twitter: “We should agree that Iran is a neighbor we disagree with on some policies, but we should not take it too far, up to the level of absolute enmity. It is an opportunity for us, as GCC countries, to …

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Fake degrees scary story

Jingle of empty vessels Historically, the doctorate certificate is the highest degree that could be obtained in majority of the fields, most notably Medicine and Law. Use of the doctorate title became prevalent in the 19th century when the Doctor of Philosophy degree had a broader meaning — love for …

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Soft blade of Muhammed Bin Zayed bleeds Emirates’ enemies

CHAOS witnessed by the Arab media in the past seven years could be attributed to the unprecedented lack of decorum and failure to follow traditions. Gulf countries never witnessed the current deviation from values and customs — more than the practices of Nazi media, including lies and distortion of facts. …

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Traditions, norms vanish

Politics in full swing Many international political events are taking place simultaneously and Syria has become a large field for the differences and contradictions of the global forces. We see the techniques changing based on the rule of the game in which DAESH is accused of dreadful explosions in Sweidaa. …

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