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Tuesday , November 20 2018


Airport, morals and hospital

I posted a tweet, in which I told the officials of the Ministry of Health, the Kuwait Airways Corporation and Higher Education authorities whose views we respect. I firmly believe and I am convinced and my experience over the past more than half a century feel that there is not a …

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‘On the road to progress’

Lindsey Galloway published a research last September in the Economist Intelligence Unit, which follows the leading global Group ‘The Economist’. The topic of the research was about the most livable cities, a serious report published annually for almost the past two decades of 140 of the world’s largest cities taking …

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King Salman … open your doors further and use righteous aides

FOR the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to announce transparently about the mysterious killing of Jamal Khashoggi and for it to issue a royal decree to relieve a group of intelligence and security officials of their duties, this in itself is a reaffirmation of the fact that no one is above …

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Be aware of issues surrounding on-demand guarantee

Issuing Bank Guarantees are very common in connection with international commercial contracts. Most prime contractors will demand their subcontractor to provide an on-demand guarantee to cover the prime in the event the subcontractor fails to perform its obligations as contracted. Oftentimes the prime contractor draws against an on-demand guarantee without …

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The mosquitoes and the conspiracy theory

There is no doubt that there is growing reluctance among young people of both sexes about religious issues, while a relatively small number of people embrace fundamentalism. This is due to the fatwas and the most irrational opinions that have been heard every day, which are being re-ignited and disseminated …

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Muhammad bin Salman … let them fight windmills

WHY this fierce campaign against Saudi Arabia happening at this moment? This question is being raised every time a campaign is waged against the Kingdom, since the start of the radical reform process three years ago. Those aware of the dimensions of this process know very well that behind the …

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Hindustan ‘zindabad’

Kuwait did not know anything about personal identity (ID) until the beginning of independence, issuing of citizenship cards to citizens until the beginning of the sixties and issuing civil cards twenty years later. The situation before the issuance of nationality cards was wavy where almost everybody chose the name they …

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What a failure … take 10!

NEWSPAPERS published the advertisement of a foreign company which runs a terminal called T4 (Terminal 4) at Kuwait International Airport. This terminal has been dubbed as the ‘celebration terminal’. Even we as Kuwaitis, or at least majority of us, have not seen the domains of this dream terminal being used. …

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Saudi Arabia … Another day

FOR two weeks, Saudi Arabia remained silent over the unjust campaign because it has adopted the policy to refrain from replying to ghost sources. Moreover, Saudi Arabia does not trust the Turkish government. It knows well that relations between the two countries will remain in the right frame, bound by …

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‘Nobody is perfect … role model’

My colleague Sami KamalEddin penned a funny and logical article years ago under the title ‘I am the model’, and here is an extract from that article. We all consider ourselves to be the role model or an ideal example whether either in terms of worldly issues or religious because …

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