Tuesday , September 18 2018


We are a big failure

I do not remember how many times I have urged the government to resolve the intractable local issues before external forces intervene and force their decisions on us, but ‘wisdom’ may have prevented the government from doing so. We have failed miserably to keep a track of the hundreds of …

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Bravo ‘Interior’, for silencing national unity’s booby-trappers

THE publication of names and pictures of 16 convicts who disappeared is an excellent move by the Ministry of Interior; those convicts are involved in the infamous ‘Abdali Cell’ case. With this publication, the ministry has connected the dots, ending the bickering not only over ‘Al-Seyassah’ and its sources’ credibility …

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Wellness Programs benefit both employees, employers

Employee Wellness Programs may sound like a trend that is likely to pass, but they offer both employees and employers very real benefits. For the employee, they can reduce the likelihood of things like heart problems, obesity, and diabetes through regular exercise, dietary advice, and medical care. They can also …

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Qatar should read ‘Baraqish’ tale of self-destruction

“THE solution to sanctions imposed on Qatar by the four countries will come from the Gulf house”. This is the truth the Qatari officials are told in each capital they visit, and Western officials visiting Doha also give the same advice. However, Qatar is still persistent on playing the part …

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Stream that wished to be sea!

“Some roosters believe the sun rises because of them” – German novelist Theodore Fontane (1819-1898). Is it possible for a stream to grow and become a sea? I did not say; the ambition of a young person to grow and becoming sublime. Let us say a stream wishes to become …

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Solution to Syria starts in ‘Dera’a’

AMERICA and Russia have announced the start of a ceasefire in the southern part of Syria. Despite the absence of the Syrian role in the decision — whether the party supporting America or the one supporting Russia, it still signals the beginning of a transitional period which includes the refugees …

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Not a pin or missile or even a matchstick

MY article last week was about the visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel, and his announcement that he does not intend to visit Ramallah and the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Such an announcement was contrary to the tradition followed by many leaders who visit both Israel …

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Be careful when dealing with sellers on Instagram – Consumer Protection Dept takes action against fraudulent traders

THE Commercial Law governs small businesses but people usually put up their own business without paying attention to the rules stipulated in this law, so they end up in an illegal situation and they could be penalized. I have noticed the extensive use of Instagram as a method of promoting …

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So that Qatar does not cry for that which it couldn’t defend as a man

AROUND 525 years ago, the last Nasrid Dynasty ruler of the Emirate of Granada in Iberia, Abu Abdullah Muhammad XII, known to the Castilians (in Spain) as ‘Boabdil’ stood on a plateau overlooking Granada, pondering and crying for the loss of his kingdom. His mother said, “Do not cry like …

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Politics of Qatar and the leadership’s nonsense

THE world — especially the major countries, warn on an attempt to weaken the Gulf Cooperation Council. The focus of discussion of all Ministers of Foreign Affairs visiting Kuwait — the country endorsed internationally to mediate the current Gulf crisis, is on averting any action that would violate the unity …

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