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Wednesday , February 26 2020


Shakespeare and Abu Tayyeb

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf The greatest Arab poet, Abu Al-Tayyeb Al-Mutanabbi, was born in Iraq, lived in Syria and settled in Egypt, before fleeing from the …

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Bush deserves it

GEORGE H.W. BUSH was a source of hope and jubilation during the horrible Iraqi invasion when he condemned it at its early stages. He said …

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We are all human beings !

Yes, we are all human beings and all of us commit mistakes. We commit sins and we have our human weaknesses. Those who are dedicated …

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‘Respect sovereign moves’

The world is awash with contradicting news, you wake up every morning to find variety of news hitting the headlines.  As you browse through the …

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Cohen, thank you very much

This is the most difficult incident I have ever experienced. It was a hot summer afternoon in 1986, the place was a public park in …

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Builders booms and bright eyes – we do dhows

A group of students from the International School Association (ISA) and their mothers spent a fun and informative morning learning about Kuwait’s seafaring heritage when they …

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The coward and shameless

The title of the article is an Egyptian proverb applicable to many peoples and societies, especially the oppressed ones. In an article by novelist Alaa …

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From Khosrow to Hulagu to modern Tatars … Baghdad always victorious

PERHAPS, the geographical and strategic curse made Iraq the center of greed for old and modern nations. Iraq has witnessed many occupations and blockades for …

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‘Change ideas, change actions’

Every day, tens of thousands of ideas are presented to the human mind, each of which gives him a special feeling, so what we really …

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Kuwaitis recollect liberation with gratitude

‘Never forgets’ KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1, (KUNA): When the name of former US President George H.W Bush is mentioned, Kuwaitis recollect his great contributions to …

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