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Monday , November 19 2018


‘Realistic solutions’ for Palestinian case

PERHAPS, the clearest summary which could capture the Arab condition that started with the Palestinian case is what former German foreign minister Sigmar Hartmut Gabriel said in July last year during his visit to Qatar’s capital, Doha. At the time, Sigmar pointed out, “The Arab world constitutes five percent of …

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If ignorance were a man I would have killed him

MAY the pious Imam of the fourth caliphate Ali bin Abi Taleb (may Allah be pleased with him) forgive me for borrowing his eternal saying: “If poverty were a man, I would have killed him.” I would have said to him: “Poverty in my rich country is no longer a …

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‘Devil and deep blue sea’

IN any political or security crisis experienced by a country, which could be natural, the solution process starts with various approaches – among them the transparent method by which the incident is handled with in a sense of duty and professionalism to shut the mouths of opportunists and enemies. There …

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Our and Western charities

I do not know if it is stupidity or ignorance to think about comparing the size and quality of financial, technical and medical aid offered by Western charities with similar institutions in the Gulf countries. This is indeed unfair, and I am confident that some people working in our institutions …

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Think, ponder over Amir’s explicit messages

AT the opening session of the current Legislative Term, HH the Amir explicitly told the Executive and the Legislative authorities that the ball is now in their court in terms of constitutional mandates. The two authorities are expected to execute their duties without blackmail or playing to the tune of …

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Myself and Bitcoin – II

The Bitcoin market was founded in 2010 and the first real deal was made when 10,000 Bitcoin was paid for pizza. Hal Finney was one of the first supporters, a shareholder and dealer in Bitcoin. He downloaded the software on the Bitcoin site on the same day after receiving 10 …

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Arab rampage has not freed Palestine

THE population of Israel reached 8.8 million at the beginning of this year; with 6.5 million of them being Jews and the remaining Palestinians. On the other hand, the total population in the Arab world is 395 million, and the Palestinian population based on the 1967 border agreement is 4,780,000. …

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Myself and the Bitcoin

The IT manager called me and said a disaster has occurred in our accounting systems, because someone was somehow able to penetrate the security system of our computers and steal all data. This hacking will inevitably halt the business and we may reach a point when the business may be …

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Shia uprising, from Tehran to Dahieh

SOME people are of the opinion that the latest sanctions imposed on Lebanese “Hezbollah” by the United States of America are limited to the terrorist gang and do not extend to the Lebanese people, but in reality, the punishment is on the nation, which before its fate, fell into the …

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Al-Sawaber & Al-Shaddadiya

A few years ago, a good deal of the citizens abandoned the Al-Sawaber Complex in the heart of the city following the collapse of some buildings. The evacuated apartments wore the look of a ghost town and Kuwait City became the only capital city in the world where the citizens did …

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