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Tuesday , November 20 2018


Palestinian leaders source of affliction; they lost the land … sold their people

WHEN failures engulf the most rightful case in the world, it is a no brainer for them to end in failure. This applies to the Palestinian case in which the elites have been the source of the affliction of their people throughout the past century, starting with how they dealt …

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Yemen graveyard for Iranian expansionism

WHEN the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fought the Houthis who turned against the Gulf Cooperation Council’s settlement of the Yemeni crisis and started to invade the remaining Yemeni areas, a group of people claiming to have good intentions emerged and agreed in one voice. This …

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From Hudaydah to Tehran … the worst is coming

THE statement made by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani that “the solution in Yemen should be political” immediately after the Arab coalition and legitimate forces took control over the city of Hudaydah is an acknowledgment of defeat in the fourth Arab capital (Sanaa). About three years ago, the leaders of Iran’s …

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New Middle East … Arab renaissance without war with Israel

THE regional log of events has been set to Israel’s timing and it is being pushed by the coalition force with the United States of America. This force sees Tel Aviv as being at the helm of the Middle East, as well as the defeat of the hostile camp and …

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Need for awareness campaign on the rights of animals

A big number of the young generation are not well-educated and violent towards animals. This is not just a theory, it is true. Take a walk on the streets and count the number of children who throw empty juice cans from the windows of their cars at stray cats or those …

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Tale of Saeed Ramadan

How the plot unwinds? In my article of last Monday, I was pondering about the biography of Tariq Ramadan and the secret behind the strength and ability of his father, who was working for Hassan Al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood), who had managed to migrate to Switzerland and acquire …

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No liberty for liberal society!!?

IN December 2017, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor officially recognized the formation of Kuwait Liberal Society (KLS). Since its recognition up to this day, the society has been the active flame for achieving the objective for which it was established — to enhance liberties in this country. Liberties …

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‘Misuse’ of cat’s eyes

Way too old White metal pieces (for roadside assistance) or cat’s eyes (a cat’s eye is a retro-reflective safety device used in road marking and was the first of a range of raised pavement markers) placed on roads to track vehicle routes and sometimes to ‘warn’ motorists to slow down …

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Body profiteers and ‘El-Sayed Al-Morr’

‘I lived believing that the sick is not merely about the description of the doctor, but of the human. Treatment is not about remembering the prescription, but to understand the pain being shared by the sick and the ears that you give. Practice sincere empathy and compassion which are lost in …

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Lighthouse vs ‘dark forces’

Change coming … slowly. My colleague Abdullah Ghazi Al-Mudhaf wrote: ‘Art has amazing control. It solely has the right to tamper with your old memories, explore them, and search between the wrinkles and ring the bells of happy and sad times, and sometimes make you laugh or cry. ‘It is …

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