Wednesday , September 19 2018


Countries of the Blind (Part 2)

THE Islamic jurisprudence says the origin of things is the permissiveness not the prohibition, but we have reversed the rule and made almost everything forbidden. For example, women education is ‘haram’ since previously it was meant to be only for men, possessing books other than religious is haram, reading magazines …

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Countries of the Blind (Part 1)

THE genius English novelist, Herbert Wells, in 1904 wrote the wonderful short story ‘In the Land of the Blind’. The subject is related to mountaineer Nuñez, who with his friends try to conquer the summit of one of the mountains in Ecuador. One night he slips and falls down the …

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Origins of Arabic

Dr Christian Robin delivered a lecture on the origins of the Arabic language at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre on Monday evening as part of the Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah’s 23rd cultural season. Dr Robin is the director of research emeriti of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in …

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Ethics and religion

DIRECTOR of Technical Control for Electricity at the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Iqbal Al-Tayyar says the ministry has issued a number of citations against government institutions, including the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs for failure to rationalize power and water consumption. This type of violation does not only …

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50 sashes of challenge donned with blood … and ‘Al-Seyassah’ continues

WE always start our day by promising that tomorrow is another day of another challenge, and only another challenge preoccupies us. It has been like that for the past 50 years of the ‘Al-Seyassah’ course of challenges and consistency of its principles. We want it to be the image of …

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Why Lebanon?

THE Lebanese Parliament passed incentives to foreign ownership, which included granting every Arab or foreigner who owns a housing unit, starting from $500,000 in Beirut and $330,000 outside, permanent residence for him and his wife and children. Our friend the captain commented on the news, saying that he was surprised …

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Calamity at Kuwait Airways

FINALLY, after a very long wait, the Kuwait Investment Authority, with the unlimited support from the Minister of Finance Nayef Al Hajraf, has succeeded in selecting a group that may be the best choice so far in terms of practical experience, suitable career history and clean biography for the management …

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Interpol forges cooperation in implementing laws

KUWAIT CITY, April 4: The Interpol is a developed method for the world to be a safer place, maintaining law and order and ensuring the law is applied on fugitives without infringing territorial jurisdiction. The idea of the Interpol came out of the need for a law to be applied …

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Désiré comes back to life

DR MUHAMMAD AL-FAILI sent me a letter along with a peculiar painting – a naked man with black paint on his face, leaning on the edge of a rock and beneath it is a dark lake or sea. This naked man extended his arm to save an old man who …

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Muhammad bin Salman … shocking but positive

THE statement made by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman during his visit to the United States of America on where he stands can be considered a positive shock which the Arabs need to wake up from the euphoria of slogans and reaction politics which only led to …

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