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Wednesday , June 19 2019


Bashir’s Friday and Macron’s Saturday

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times IN the Western world, particularly in France, preference is given to the economy over politics and well-being over anything …

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You remind us of General MacArthur!!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli DOUGLAS MACARTHUR was an American five-star general who led the war against Japan in the Second World War which ended with the …

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Amir of honor, Kuwait’s honor

SABAH AL-AHMAD – Amir’s honor is Kuwait’s honor. Why not? He is the only person on Earth who has been given the title, ‘Humanitarian Leader’, …

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Losing link with the past

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Kuwait is the only capital in the world where Kuwaitis do not live, especially after the Al-Sawaber residential complex was evacuated and demolition has …

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Garrulity … From Tehran to Dahieh

IF Hassan Nasrallah is the best product of Iran, it is not surprising for that country to experience such a devastating economic crisis. Ayatollah pushed …

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‘The old man and the sea’

The unexpected heavy rainfall in Kuwait almost three months ago damaged the public and private properties. A senior official had to pay the price for …

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Don’t lose the Arab breadbasket Sudan

IS Sudan heading towards the unknown? This question comes to the mind of any observer concerned with the political crisis sparked by parties which lack …

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You embarrass even Berlusconi

LAST week, Italy’s former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi appeared on the streets of the magnificent Sardinia Island. This signals his return to the political arena …

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State finance a ‘cash cow’

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times THE oil minister’s presentation of the new budget proved that the State is a cash cow. It is an …

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A little girl, man and the dog in New York

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Great scientist Einstein says that everything in life is relative without exceptions. Therefore, when we confront those who describe the West as being nonliberal …

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