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Monday , February 24 2020


How long will we put up with the ‘tubas’ of insult and distrust?

  FIFTY-FIVE years since the start of constitutional work and State institutions, have we reached a point where democracy reflects daily on the practices of …

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‘Remove’ Lebanon from Sheikh Hassan’s burrows

LET us compare in figures what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave to Lebanon in the last quarter of the century — from 1991 until …

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Isolate ‘Hezbollah’ to rescue Lebanon

THE astonishing fact is the attitude of some Lebanese politicians towards Hezbollah — the group that is responsible for the murder of Lebanese leaders and …

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The one and only negative phenomenon in our society

TWO young women were walking along the parking lot of the ‘Al-Nakhil Mall’ in Riyadh looking for some form of transport to take them home. …

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Hezbollah uses Palestine

HEZBOLLAH’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah uses every trick in the book in an effort to cement his militia’s credibility within the Sunni Arab world and …

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Statements won’t save Lebanon

THE Prime Minister of Lebanon was furious when he read the statement to ascertain the affiliation of Lebanon to the Arabian circle, as well as …

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Set compass right, bring Lebanon back to Arab shore

THE principles are crystal clear for the government of Lebanon to return to the Arab fold. The Lebanese don’t have to sift through the minutes of …

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What a scabby camel has done to Lebanon

WHAT do the GCC countries want from Lebanon? To answer this question, we say: “The GCC organization has realized the truth about this small Arab …

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‘Promote culture of productivity to replace expats with citizens’ – ‘Leaving resident must transfer expertise’

According to a recent report by the Arab Times, “major decisions concerning expatriates working in the government sector will be taken soon, as part of …

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Corrupt, corruption and solution

  WITH the drop in oil prices, there have been constant talks about cutting down expenditure but surprisingly we have yet to see the light …

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