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Wednesday , November 21 2018


From Japan expansionism to ‘terrorism’ from Tehran

THE world has reached the point of choosing between accepting continuity of the terror approach of the Iranian regime or coping with the United States which is seeking to change the behavior of the Tehran leadership and prevent them from repeating the Japanese experiment in the interval phase between World …

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Forged degrees, corruption

Theft early on As life in Kuwait took a new dimension in terms of growth and expansion, corruption also grew side by side just like many other countries. No country in the world can claim it is free from corruption. However, the difference in the size, quantity and quality of …

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Is Canada a ‘mouthpiece’ for Muslim Brotherhood?

PREVIOUSLY, whenever the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an institution in any of the European countries issues a report about one of the Arab countries, fear emerges and the targeted country holds conferences to defend itself. Nevertheless, such reports or statements are forms of interference in the internal affairs of …

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‘O minister, take decision’

‘Radical changes needed’ During the inauguration of the Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Citizens Service, the Minister of Justice has called on the ministry staff to work hard to facilitate the transactions of citizens. In fact, facilitating the transactions of citizens falls first within the priorities of the minister and …

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Mergers, effects of brass

‘Get a comrade’ A merger has challenges. Usually in merger deals and agreements between big firms after the effects of legal, administration and financial procedures are ironed out – a process that is most of the time very difficult and tiresome, another problem emerges which is not less important than …

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Promoting ‘banality’

Intellect challenged The Islamic and Arab world reached the peak of civilized progress in art, industry, medicine and modern era discoveries. It seems such a rapid progress could not be stopped through conventional means. Therefore, it was necessary to bring together the Western imperialist and Zionist global powers, the regional …

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‘Mother of sanctions’ starts from tomorrow

THE countdown to the end of the Mullah regime starts tomorrow — the beginning of the implementation of the new American sanctions which can be called ‘mother of sanctions’. The recent action of demonstrators — burning a ‘hawza’ or religious school where Shiite scholars are trained — portends what the …

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Aftermath of principles

‘Practice right to survival’ I had written one day — I am not sure what time it was — that I will be defeated, but I was certain that I would do it after proving to myself that I can do the impossible for it. Sometimes we give an open invitation …

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Arrogance of Iran mullahs will end in public disgrace

IF the Iranian toman exchange rate exceeds 100,000 against the US dollar and the buying power of balances in banks evaporates, then the revolutionary slogans and the so-called ‘divine and spirituality’ slogan which the mullah regime raises in its war on the region will start to crumble.  The ‘export of …

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Fears of bleak future

Tsunami of fake degrees No need to get scared or having fear of deleting title D. Things will end and the situation will get better. It is only much cry and little wool.  This is a country whose philosophy is forgery.  Cheating, lying and quackery are sources of pride.  So, …

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