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Sunday , November 18 2018

Khaled Aljenfawi

‘Need to change Arab mind to be more tolerant, inclusive’ – ‘Secularism boosts tolerance’

IT is almost a truism that you cannot force some people to accept the dictates of democracy or allow it to flourish in their society. There are certainly individuals who might be verbal about their demands for more democratic freedoms, yet behave undemocratically in their daily life. Certainly, dictatorship and …

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‘Provide more effective health insurance plan for expatriates’ – ‘Extend our generosity to residents’

According to the Arab Times, a proposal has been “submitted by the Ministry of Health to offer medical services at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital exceptionally for Kuwaitis and not expatriates living in this country.” According to MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan, the proposal “is inhuman and immoral.” Moreover, “he said if this …

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‘Remittances control harmful’ – ‘Fees rise to hurt expats’

According to a recent report by Al- Qabas daily “Government authorities are studying the possibility of issuing a decision to instruct money exchange bureaus in the country to prevent expatriates from remitting more than their monthly salary in one month.” The apparent reason for controlling expat’s remittances is due to …

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‘Kuwait, India must nod hiring of more professional workers’ – ‘Facilitate nurses recruitment’

According to a recent report by the Express News Service “private Indian recruiters who hire nurses to work in foreign countries including the GCC countries and particularly Kuwait, have found a new way to overcome restrictions imposed on them by the Indian g o v e r n m e …

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Asia militants abused, wasted, losing attraction for IS group – We’re given menial jobs: defectors

Few defectors from the terror group ISIS or the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq have spoken out about their disillusionment with the group. However, according to different reports, the spread of flagrant racism among ISIS’ recruits, the killing of Sunni Muslims, and the rise of the power of warlords …

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‘Stop giving driving licenses to non-professional residents’ – ‘Use buses to beat traffic congestion’

According to a recent report by the Arab Times, “the worst nightmare that a road user could experience is being caught in an unyielding and unmerciful traffic congestion that might delay arrival to any certain destination. It has been a long troublesome issue-affecting people in Kuwait and the question remains. …

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