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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Khaled Aljenfawi

‘Freed’ work permit transfers good step

According to a news report by Al- Anba daily “Manpower Public Authority has issued a decision to give an employee the right to apply for transfer of his work permit after three years of its issuance without the approval of his employer” (Arab Times, April 1, 2016). Allowing expat employees …

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Europe should remove its velvet gloves of liberalism

According to the British newspaper the Telegraph “Freelance journalist, Fayçal Cheffou, was arrested on Thursday and according to Belgian reports is the third airport bombing suspect. His charge comes as it emerged as security guard at a Belgian nuclear facility was killed”(March 26, 2016). The terrorist attacks on Brussels airport …

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Up security sweeps against law violators

Arab Times March 13’s issue carried the following piece of interesting news: “in less than 10 minutes, the Friday Market, which normally attracts crowds of shoppers from ‘dawn to dusk’ wore an abandoned look this weekend.” The reason behind the abandonment of the Friday market was due to a surprise …

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‘Don’t forgive illegal expats involved in criminal action’ – ‘MoI must step up raids’

IN less than a week, roughly between March 8-11, 2016, the Arab Times presented the following headlines in its Crime news: 1,068 referred for deportation in massive campaign on vice. A Bangladeshi held for stealing copper cables. An Asian expatriate was taken into police custody for removing his clothes in …

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‘Europe needs to separate fake from genuine asylum-seekers’

MARCH 6, 2016, Donald Tusk, the president of the European Union, warned “economic migrants not to even attempt to come to Europe.” He “implored economic migrants — those travelling to a better way of life rather than because their lives are in danger — not to come to the region …

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‘European nations must put a cap on incoming refugees’ – ‘Cultural, economic problems feared’

According to a recent report by The Washington Post “Greece on Thursday recalled its ambassador to Austria for consultations, escalating a diplomatic war in Europe over how to handle a record influx of migrants from the war-torn Middle East and beyond” (Feb 25 2016). The escalating problem of the influx …

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‘Promote culture of productivity to replace expats with citizens’ – ‘Leaving resident must transfer expertise’

According to a recent report by the Arab Times, “major decisions concerning expatriates working in the government sector will be taken soon, as part of measures to address the lopsided population structure of the country, says Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Development and Planning Affairs …

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‘European nations must accept only Christian, secular migrants’ – ‘Cultural assimilation difficult’

Although one should applaud the humane approach of some European governments and their compassion toward legitimate refugees and asylum seekers, however, it continues to be quite challenging to assimilate all migrants into the mainstream European culture. For example, it is very difficult to expect the rapid success of any process …

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‘Migrants must adopt Europe standards of civilized conduct’ – ‘Eveteasing rife in Mideast societies’

According to a report by Al-Shahed daily, “Farwaniya Security Director Brigadier Saleh Al-Enezi has ordered to shave the heads of molesters and harassers to serve as a deterrent for others. According to security sources, several complaints were lodged by families about facing harassment by youths in public markets and commercial …

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‘European nations correct to deport some asylum-seekers’ – ‘Perverts, radicals pose threat’

According to a recent report by the Arab Times “ Sweden said it expects to expel up to 80,000 migrants whose asylum requests will likely be rejected. As the continent grapples with efforts to stem a record flow of migrants, Swedish Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said the mass expulsions of …

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