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Sunday , November 18 2018


Friends matter, not interests – Stick to good in you

LONG time ago, our grandfathers said, “You are nothing if you have nothing.” Those were the good old days characterized by simplicity. At the time our grandfathers were neither good in affectation nor the exaggeration of emotions, they respected a person based on his character and personality without any regard …

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Tests, opportunity

Our world faces formidable challenges. Gulfs of mistrust divide citizens from their leaders. Extremists push people into camps of “us” and “them”. The Earth assails us with rising seas and record heat. One hundred and thirty million people need life-saving assistance, tens of millions of them children and young people …

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Indeed, it was a successful Hajj – Has Iran succeeded in its attempts?

THE success of this year’s organization of Hajj (pilgrimage) is undeniable, despite the loud voices of condemnation which were silenced by the ingenuity of the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This year’s Hajj witnessed the ‘assembly’ of security, humanitarian acts, religious rituals and volunteerism. All of these …

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Save our ship

Perhaps no issue on the global agenda is more susceptible to manipulation by grandstanding demagogues than refugees and migrants. ‘Us’ versus ‘them’ is a timeless if irresponsible unifier, used throughout history to obscure our common humanity by those with dangerously self-serving interests. The difference now is that more people are …

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After petrol … real pain

THE recent petrol price hikes in Kuwait have, no doubt, been irksome, but not too painful to justify the huge public outcry that has erupted. The real pain is just around the corner, as electricity rate increases are in the pot and will soon be ready. The public should save …

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‘Marine Fort’ better name for a city built out of nylon – No seamen, dhows in place

Kuwaitis are known for traveling. In the past, they traveled for commerce and excelled as traders through determination and hard work. Kuwaitis went far and wide to do business and consequently arrived at Mumbai Port in India. They went beyond Karachi in Pakistan to Zanzibar in Africa to trade, and …

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Message against trafficking

All over the world, tens of millions of people are desperately seeking refuge, many of them far from home and even farther from safety.  Migrants and refugees face imposing physical obstacles and bureaucratic barriers. Sadly, they are also vulnerable to human rights violations and exploitation by human traffickers. Human traffickers …

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V4 a brand for success

On July 1, Poland took over the one-year presidency of the Visegrad Group (V4), Central Europe’s chief organization of regional cooperation consisting of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. 25 years after the establishment of the V4, which set itself the goal of making our countries part of Euro-Atlantic …

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A blessed Eid

At the end of Ramadan I would like to wish all people of the Muslim faith a blessed Festival of the Breaking of the Fast, a blessed Eid Fitr. This month of fasting is a special time for the Muslim community throughout the world. Even more importance than usual is …

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Amid progress more still to do

More than 20 million people around the world are trapped in human trafficking, also called modern slavery. It is a crime that happens almost everywhere and affects virtually everyone. Yet many still think of human trafficking as an issue affecting only other people, in other countries. The truth is it …

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