Thursday , September 20 2018


Shenanigans of a minister

The former Minister of Education, Bader Al-Essa, appointed Abdullah Al-Turaiji when the latter was a lawmaker, chairman of the Scouts Department at the Ministry of Education. It is a very well-known fact that the role of an MP is to monitor the performance of a minister and hold him accountable. …

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Let’s get out of the box – ‘Change or vanish’

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” I do agree with this German-born theoretical physicist. We have to simplify issues as they should be dealt it without any mistakes that might reflect negatively on what we intended to do. Let us simplify …

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‘Kuwait ours despite all ills’ – ‘Temptations meaningless’

Kuwaitis over the past three decades have not stopped comparing their status with the citizens of Dubai in particular and in a subsequent period, with Qatar and others. The Economist, the discreet British newspaper published a report on Dec 3, saying these constant comparisons and criticism have created a kind …

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Of religion and arts – ‘Propaganda tool’

French historian Francois Blofog talked about the motives of militant religious hostility, arts and art forms. He tried to understand the reasons for violent practices against women, such as the destruction of statues and shrines. He stressed that the two religions Islam and Christianity were the most hostile to arts, …

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Hopes alive … not all lost – ‘Support brilliance’

ALONG with tens of board chairmen, I pay tax to Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).  Actually, we have not seen any tangible achievement which can be called scientific advancement in the last 25 years despite the accumulated financial and scientific experiences.  However, this does not mean that …

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‘Group not what it seems’ – Ruinous thoughts

None of the partisan organizations in the Arab world are linked to evil and ruin except for the World Organization of Muslim Brotherhood. For more than eighty years they have set an example of violence and backwardness since the establishment of the group in 1928. These qualities will remain adherent …

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There must be a solution – Misery at airport

Time will pass slowly, and reform will take years before we see a breakthrough in the development of Kuwait — miserable and sad and desolate and damaged and dirty airport, with all its facilities. If I was the president or director of the airport, I would be ashamed of being …

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Intellectuals, human rights – ‘Cultural diversity vital’

The Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center (Opera House) organized a lecture on Nov 30 evening under the title ‘Culture of Luxury or Survival’. The speaker at the event was former Minister of Information Saad bin Tefla. The moderator of the event was another former Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Sanousi. Professor Ben …

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Man, govt-made rifts – ‘Kuwait was not like this’

I do not watch TV at all, and therefore I cannot pass a judgment on the performance of Jaafar Mohammad, the presenter of the Al-Shahed TV, except for some video clips on YouTube which I receive on the social media. A video clip which was recently posted is about diseases people …

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Blow to backward forces – Young breath of fresh air

In the last parliamentary elections some emerged winners and others losers. In spite of all the disadvantages, these elections have set an example and a perfect model to be followed given our surroundings, and put us on par with freedom and peace-loving nations. We have warned repeatedly about the involvement …

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