Monday , December 17 2018


Going down the history pathway

A friend of mine invited me to a family event held in a hotel off the Dead Sea and extended our stay to nine days. The …

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And the push goes on – Taking it sitting down

I was a little over ten years old when I heard about the Balfour Declaration from our Palestinian teacher. It was in the mid-1950s when …

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Axing our own feet?

A church pastor in a small American town was taken by surprise when he discovered some people in the community were planning to construct a …

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Donate for good cause – Help out center of life

Children are divided into two categories – one normal or highly intelligent and two, slow learning, or those with mental disabilities. The first category is …

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Sorry state of road affairs

The government did establish the Road and Land Transport Authority three years ago and its task is to manage and supervise the construction of Metro …

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Who is supporting DAESH?

Apart from the speeches of condemnation, atonement and insults, we must admit that all what is said and written that the Islamic State or the …

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Nation stuck in trivialities – ‘Development scarce’

Some time ago, the Court of Appeals in Mauritania sentenced to death writer Mohammad Ould Omekhetir, on charges of apostasy, after he was arrested for …

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Children of Zayed, I salute you

I am writing to you from the skies, aboard an airplane, headed for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — the pioneering emirates. I would have …

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Graphite pencil, rubber trees

Almost all people of the earth irrespective of what they know work in harmony to benefit or get benefit.  This harmony or what we call …

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Establishing social clubs in each area need of the hour – If we want this country to survive

Saud Al Arfaj

I suggest the need of the hour is the establishment of social clubs in each area similar to the cooperative societies. Each club may comprise a …

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