Wednesday , September 19 2018


‘A stitch in time saves nine’

Raising thieves A friend, whom I trust and respect, told me that in 1975 an educationalist met a senior official and gave him a list of names of senior officials in the country who were holding education certificates that had not been accredited, so as not to say ‘forged’ and terminate …

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What blocked my story?

Promises in vain For technical reasons I have published my new story in Beirut “Abdullatif Al-Armani (Armenian)” which includes approximately 150 pages. I have submitted copies of the story to the Kuwait Books Censorship Department of the Ministry of Information for approval so that I can sell the books in  …

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Beginning of change

Balloon of happiness Yousef is a small boy intelligent and discerning. He was very familiar of his father the way he talked about his accounts in banks, about his property abroad, saw money in his father’s hands, and how he used the credit cards to buy the household needs. Yousef …

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Mutual consent needed to modify an agreement

Recently I’ve seen an increase in disputes between prime contractors and subcontractors. Usually, the prime contractor fails to fulfil its payment obligations, or the subcontractor is not performing as agreed. These disputes are often the result of a non-existent or poorly drafted contract that both parties have refused to follow. …

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‘Purpose of ad unclear’

Who’s beneficiary? A Kuwaiti charity society has placed dozens or perhaps hundreds of expensive billboards on sidewalks along many streets in Kuwait, inviting the citizens and residents to memorize the Surah Al-Baqarah from the Holy Quran, calling it a blessing on the health of young people. Of course the text of …

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Forged degrees, corruption

Theft early on As life in Kuwait took a new dimension in terms of growth and expansion, corruption also grew side by side just like many other countries. No country in the world can claim it is free from corruption. However, the difference in the size, quantity and quality of …

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‘O minister, take decision’

‘Radical changes needed’ During the inauguration of the Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Citizens Service, the Minister of Justice has called on the ministry staff to work hard to facilitate the transactions of citizens. In fact, facilitating the transactions of citizens falls first within the priorities of the minister and …

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Promoting ‘banality’

Intellect challenged The Islamic and Arab world reached the peak of civilized progress in art, industry, medicine and modern era discoveries. It seems such a rapid progress could not be stopped through conventional means. Therefore, it was necessary to bring together the Western imperialist and Zionist global powers, the regional …

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Aftermath of principles

‘Practice right to survival’ I had written one day — I am not sure what time it was — that I will be defeated, but I was certain that I would do it after proving to myself that I can do the impossible for it. Sometimes we give an open invitation …

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Fears of bleak future

Tsunami of fake degrees No need to get scared or having fear of deleting title D. Things will end and the situation will get better. It is only much cry and little wool.  This is a country whose philosophy is forgery.  Cheating, lying and quackery are sources of pride.  So, …

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