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The scandal of ‘Faza’a Kuwait’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf With successive announcements made by individuals, companies and institutions regarding making donations to the special fund to support the state’s efforts to combat the …

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Fortune tellers are ‘liars’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Maguy Farah is a well-known Lebanese personality, a television host and a horoscope presenter. She said during a television interview that for nearly three …

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‘No hope for progress without proper education’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf We mentioned in yesterday’s article that no civil, moral or industrial progress can be achieved in any society without distinguished education. We made the …

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‘There is no hope for progress’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf How can Kuwait advance in the field of industry, agriculture and commerce? How can Kuwait attain progress in the transparency indicators and follow the …

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‘Clarify facts on Kuwait’s religious background’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Our friend, the elite Dr Mahmoud, a man of high vocational and cultural background, says Khalid Al Sultan asked him one day thirty years …

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Madam, choose the right path

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Mrs Rana Al-Faris has succeeded Mrs Jenan Bushehri as Minister of Works. The latter, the first woman to assume the Ministry of Works and …

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Modi Law and Minister Asiri

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf The Citizenship Law of India was passed in 1955, and the Indian Parliament, at the instigation of the right-wing (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi government, …

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Benefits of a search engine

Sometimes some people call a writer ‘googler’ if he refers to Google in what he writes. This behavior reflects or rather brings out the hidden …

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Fraud at global & local level

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf There is no ceiling for methods of fraud among adopted by weak souls – weak souls which are aplenty and found in every religion, …

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Women in developing nations

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf At an early stage in my life, I felt societal injustice and bias against women, especially the unmarried women. When I could not answer …

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