Thursday , September 20 2018


Let our voice reach Rohingya

San Suu Kyi, who came to power as the first civilian administration after the junta regime in Myanmar, was considered as a great hope for the Rohingya Muslims. The promises she made before the election were hopeful and peaceful. The Rohingya believed that things would change for the better for …

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Pros and cons of instituting visitation rights centres

The new family law has given a new option for divorced couples to execute the visitation judgment in ‘visitation centers’, which are newly built and situated in Kuwait Governorates such that residents of each governorate will visit the centers to see their children once they have visitation hours granted through …

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Our Prophet’s world heritage letters

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet of Islam, spent his entire life spreading God’s message. He tirelessly and continuously preached and helped people achieve perfection in the Sight of God until the very last moments of his life. As a part of his efforts, he used a variety of methods to …

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The classic ‘Expat’ debate

Expats presently constitute about half of the total population in the GCC (52 percent), with a low of 37 percent for Saudi Arabia and a high of approximately 88 percent for UAE and Qatar. The increasing and large proportion of the expatriate population is a matter of concern for many …

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Consumers must take stand against ‘counterfeit’ goods

Thinking of starting a business by selling counterfeit products? You have to know laws on the rights of consumers, or else, you will face the dire consequences of violating such laws. Unfortunately, a lot of people and merchants are dealing with counterfeit goods although they are not aware of the …

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Inserting VAT clauses into current agreements

Over the past year, we’ve heard a lot of criticism and doubt on whether Kuwait would comply with the Unified Agreement for Value Added Tax (VAT) by implementing and enforcing its own VAT law. Recent news has confirmed that Kuwait’s Cabinet has approved a VAT draft law and such draft …

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Foreign law application in Kuwaiti courts depends on nature of each case – Couple need not go to US if they got married there and want to get divorce while residing in Kuwait

The application of foreign law in Kuwaiti courts depends on the nature of each case. This is an issue that foreign litigants (married couple) face whenever there is disagreement between them and they want to get a divorce, custody or even alimony. For example, if the couple got married in …

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Saturdays can no longer be counted towards paid annual holidays

With the recent amendments to Law No. 6 for the Year 2010 regarding Labor in the Private Sector, many human resource and finance departments are inquiring on how to properly adjust their internal systems to comply with the new law. The most significant change to the law is in regards …

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Kuwaitis & restructuring of government subsidies

In light of the decline in international oil prices due to the development of new techniques of extracting shale oil, which led to the reduction of the cost of its production and the high demand for natural gas, the oil producing countries – especially the majority of the GCC countries …

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Power naps revealed

Most people think power napping is only for kindergarten kids. But no, napping is for everyone. Children, youths, and adults require power naps. It is healthy and good for the brain. Power napping is more like rebooting the brain as we do to our computers. In general, a power nap …

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