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Thursday , January 23 2020


‘Inspect recruitment offices to make sure they don’t violate laws’

In a shocking and painful incident, a household worker was rescued from human trafficking, starvation and sexual harassment acts of an employee at a recruitment …

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Limitation of mind

The Moroccan thinker Ahmad Assid believes one of the most intractable problems is their deep concentration during a certain stage of history on the knowledge …

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Madam, you are the best

We repeat for a hundred thousand times that the status of any state and its civilized progress and humanity are measured by, among other things, …

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Airport, morals and hospital

I posted a tweet, in which I told the officials of the Ministry of Health, the Kuwait Airways Corporation and Higher Education authorities whose views we …

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‘On the road to progress’

Lindsey Galloway published a research last September in the Economist Intelligence Unit, which follows the leading global Group ‘The Economist’. The topic of the research …

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Be aware of issues surrounding on-demand guarantee

Issuing Bank Guarantees are very common in connection with international commercial contracts. Most prime contractors will demand their subcontractor to provide an on-demand guarantee to …

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The mosquitoes and the conspiracy theory

There is no doubt that there is growing reluctance among young people of both sexes about religious issues, while a relatively small number of people …

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Hindustan ‘zindabad’

Kuwait did not know anything about personal identity (ID) until the beginning of independence, issuing of citizenship cards to citizens until the beginning of the …

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‘Nobody is perfect … role model’

My colleague Sami KamalEddin penned a funny and logical article years ago under the title ‘I am the model’, and here is an extract from …

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‘Abusive role continues’

How can an individual with no official status cause a great political and sporting dilemma to his country? It seems strange, but look at the …

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