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Saturday , January 25 2020


Terrorism in face and hearts

By Ahmad alsarraf Ahmad-Al-Sarraf One of the pretenders of virtue and honor accused me of being a pedantic prosecutor and that I am using Google. …

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Israel taking its last breath

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf This is the title of an article published in the media, and welcomed by prominent intellectuals who saw in the article the beginning of …

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Many mosques, little Islam

Intisar Al-Matouq Sadly, you belong to a Muslim community which lost its true identity and practices the religion as a tradition. For some, the religion …

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Response to silly Iraqi tweet

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf He said in a tweet: The Persians are uncivilized Asian nomadic tribes, who became civilized when they occupied Iraq and so was the case …

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‘Ethics … and women’s issues’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Kuwaiti politicians who are religious are divided into two categories – first, although few in number are distinguished with opportunism and intelligence, exploiting their …

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‘We’re not cleaner than others’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf It is not easy to talk about cleanliness and why our communities do not care about this issue in spite of our religious teachings …

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Palestinian cause in my heart

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf My relationship with the Palestinians and their plight began from the day I became aware of this world which almost coincided with the beginning …

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Power of religious parties

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf He graduated from engineering college and succeeded in opening a consulting engineering office which has received huge government contracts that put him on the …

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Lion playing with the doves

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi A FEW days ago, I had a quick visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I was accompanied by my older brother and …

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‘Be honest in profit-making’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf Imagine the financial status of an exclusive local agent for the following international products: Nido milk, Vimto juice, Pepsi, Cola, Cadbury cacao, Toyota cars, …

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