Thursday , September 20 2018


A BETTER END – HELP & HOPE WHEN THERE IS NO CURE – PALLIATIVE CARE TO EASE THE PAIN OF PASSING FOR THEM … US – Live out our last days to the fullest, before saying our final goodbyes

Palliative care is end of life care. It is probably the most misunderstood specialty in the entire field of medicine. That is because for most people, the medical profession is synonymous with saving lives. For patients with life-threatening illnesses, just as important as the gift of life is the right …

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Changes being made to laws to take account of ‘New Kuwait’

ON Jan 30, 2017, the Government of Kuwait unveiled the country’s Vision 2035 and National Development Plan, branded as the “New Kuwait”. Such plan intends to transform Kuwait into a financial, cultural, and institutional leader in the region by 2035. Further, increasing direct foreign investment by 300% and attracting more …

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in the grip of death … the art of life

In a new book, “Precious Indian Weapons: And Other Princely Accoutrements” on the collection of 200 masterpieces in the Al-Sabah collection, Senior Curator and Collection Manager Salam Kaoukji sheds light on the legendary wealth and opulence of the Indian courts and to their tradition for fine and artistic craftsmanship during …

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What will referendum bring for Kurds?

IN a land home to members of myriad different faiths and ethnicities, the answer to this question — when a rational, realistic and conscientious assessment is to be made — is actually quite obvious: Every separation brings with it new and greater problems. Iraq’s territorial integrity being compromised will also …

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Violation of sanctity of the dead a punishable offence

One of the strange crimes committed against sanctity of the dead is digging their graves with the intention to steal whatever is kept with the body. The act is penalized as per Kuwaiti Criminal Code 1960 law numbers 110 and 219. There is no inconsistency or conflict between both laws …

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incense burners – A SENSE … OF WHO AND WHERE WE ARE

The Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah (DAI) Cultural Season 23 opened on Monday evening with a lecture presentation on the “Incense Burners in the Tareq Rajab Museum” by Dr Ziad Rajab, the director of the New English School and Tareq Rajab Museum board member. On behalf of DAI Director General …

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Not permissible to cut worker’s salary for duration of contract

Many employers and employees find themselves in dispute over terms within the employment contract, as well as the expectations that are left out of the written agreement. In accordance with the Kuwaiti law, the employment contract must be in writing and specify the effective date, term, salary and nature of …

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STREET ART – walls that break down borders

Jonathan Finn was born in Kuwait and studied at the British School of Kuwait until the age of 16, after which he attended Cardinal Newman College in Preston, England, studying Sport and Art & Design. Finn has always had a passion for Art and Design and after successfully completing his …

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CHAMPIONS OF CHARITY – stars in sport … and a life of giving – MOTHER TERESA – ‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving’

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the Global Humanitarian Leadership Award presented by the United Nations to honor His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Amir of the State of Kuwait and naming His Highness as “The Global Humanitarian Leader”   and the State of Kuwait as a Humanitarian …

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backpacks & bullies – school bells ring the alarm for some

The start of the school year is often a time of excitement filled with the hope of new experiences and ample possibilities for children and teenagers. But for many it can also be a period marked by dread and anxiety. Bullying, the repeated and intentional use of words or actions …

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