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Thursday , November 15 2018


Effects of supplications – ‘It may rain’

A few years ago the US Templeton Baptist Foundation spent more than $7 million on a medical research under the supervision of Dr Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at the Mind and Body Center in Boston, to demonstrate the impact of supplications in patients and their role in speeding up their recovery. …

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Hen that lays golden eggs – Piety name of the game

It is unimaginable to think of the size of powers and responsibilities the law gives to the Road and Land Transport Authority. It is not strange that the Ministry of Public Works has been hesitating for years before finally agreeing to hand over the right to this authority to supervise …

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Cultural differences – ‘Kings’ at home

Umm Adel’s apartment is located on Baker Street, close to the famous Oxford Street, in the heart of London. Umm Adel is used to spending summer with her small family in London, often accompanied by their Filipino domestic helper. Almost every day, Umm Adel walks from her apartment for a …

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Help poor patients – Donors in quandary

I, and of course the others, receive messages from people asking for material assistance to non-Kuwaiti patients, often children or poor people, who are suffering from incurable diseases and cannot afford the high cost of treatment, especially after the recent decision of the Ministry of Health to stop paying for …

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Véronique Schiltz, member of the French Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres, delivered a fascinating lecture on ancient nomadic jewellery, highlighting the spirit and soul of these treasures, at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre last Monday evening, as part of the Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah’s 23rd cultural season. Schiltz trained as …

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Do good ‘anyway’ – Could have done better

I take one step at a time as I approach my 80th birthday and I am happy with everything I have done or performed in my life, which I consider not much at all. However, one thing bothers me when I look back at my life. I have a kind of …

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‘We thank you all expats’ – Contributions a lot

Thank you all, we apologize to you for what some racists and ignorant people among us have against you. We shall always feel grateful and remember your contributions. I thank Saeed, the honest and wonderful Omani boy, who used to work in our house in the early 1950s, and without …

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Happy with dream come true

In honor of the reputation of more than fifty countries, and for other reasons, the state allows the citizens of these countries to avail visas on arrival at any point of entry. I do not know about the situation at the land and sea ports, but I know for sure …

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Nepotism thriving – Need to follow Oman

Upon the request of the Omani Interior Minister, the mayor of Al-Kamil wal Kafidistricts in the Sultanate of Oman has issued a circular to all elders warning against the danger of the growing phenomenon of tribal gatherings and participation of members of similar tribes from outside Oman. This happened in …

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Nation of generosity, ethics – ‘Respect workers’

My relationship with Indians started at an early age when my father thought in 1955 that it was time for me to learn English from someone who had mastered the language, but the experience was not successful as I have mentioned earlier. Ten years later, I worked at the Gulf …

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