Thursday , September 20 2018


In memory of a mashhad lost to a hate older than time

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: Dr Richard Piran McClary presented a detailed account of the mashhad of Imãm Yahyã ibn al-Qãsim in Mosul at a lecture held at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre on Monday evening, as part of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s 23rd cultural season. Dr McClary, a PhD in Art …

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Parties need to be familiar with the term ‘Extraterritorial Jurisdiction’

Cross border employment can be a very complex matter because oftentimes employers and employees alike are unclear of which laws apply to their situation. All parties should make themselves familiar with the term ‘Extraterritorial Jurisdiction’, which is a government’s ability to exercise authority beyond its normal boundaries. In this article, …

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Reaching for our roots – A TRAILBLAZER ON TOLERANCE

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi is a trailblazer who has fired the ambitions and aspirations of a generation of women in the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf with her meteoric success story. Because not only is the US-educated Sheikha Lubna the first woman in the Emirates to hold a ministerial …

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Early detection, management of diabetes key – Take control of your health

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. According to the World Health Organization, the number of people with diabetes has nearly quadrupled since 1980. While those diagnosed with the disease can live long with proper management, early detection and intervention is the starting point …

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In the centre of Failaka located within the Kuwait Bay lies al-Qusur, a Christian monastery that could be of high importance to understanding  Christianity and monasticism at the beginning of the Islamic period,  disclosed  Dr Julie Bonnéric,  the co-director of the French-Kuwaiti Archaeological Mission during her lecture presentation on “Christianity …

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Rule of non-retroactivity of penal laws serves humanity

Laws were never made to take revenge on criminals, but to edify and civilize them, to teach them about coexistence and help them get along with society.  That is why the rule of non-retroactivity of penal laws is considered one of the most effective laws that serves and secures humanity.  …

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DBA insurance mandatory for all cos doing business with US govt

With it being Discover America Week (A series of events hosted by the US Embassy, which highlight the close relationship between the USA and Kuwait), I felt compelled to discuss an American law that is applicable here in Kuwait. Defense Base Act (DBA). I know what many of you are …

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Discover America Week builds upon successful visit of HH Amir – Events to showcase American culture, expertise

It’s my great pleasure to launch the fifth annual Discover America Week here in Kuwait. This week of events symbolizes the close connections between the Kuwaiti and American peoples. We kicked off Discover America Week yesterday with a fun run attended by Kuwaitis, Americans and others; it will continue for …

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Lineage in the coinage of Islam – Coins & Caliphs

Abdullah Mohammed Bin Jassem Al Mutairi, an Emirati expert on Islamic coins, delivered a comprehensive lecture on Islamic coinage, discussing the verses and slogans engraved on them, at the Yarmouk Cultural Center on Monday evening as part of Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah’s 23rd cultural season. Al Mutairi is a …

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Need for right legislation to regulate freedom of religion

The absence of an accurate legislation regulating freedom of religion in Kuwait becomes apparent once this right is exercised. Freedom to choose the religion you want to follow, convert to or various ways to worship are absolute rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Article 35 allows the practice of all religions, …

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