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Tuesday , February 25 2020


Kuwait recognizes necessity of controlling, preventing conflicts of interests

Najmah Brown Esq While many foreign investors believe Kuwait and other neighboring countries here in the Middle East operate without rule of law, that is …

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Negligence of Awqaf and Minors Authority

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf The Government’s interest in orphans. Kuwait dates back to 1938. In 1959, the Ministry of Justice established a department for this purpose before it …

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Culture, art and ethics

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf A senior doctor says the pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money to boost the sexual potential of men and women and to develop …

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‘Adopt honesty, ethics to avert disaster’

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf The government seeks to transform Kuwait into an attractive financial and commercial center in which the private sector will lead the economic activity, create …

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The ‘Kuwaitiya’ tragedy

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf We mean by “Kuwaitiya” Kuwait Airways and not Kuwaiti nationality as the latter’s conditions in light of personal status law is a catastrophic one.Experience …

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Way to control behaviour

What happens if the traffic department obligates vehicle owners to write their names, in clear letters, on various parts of the vehicle, including the nationality …

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Shakespeare and Abu Tayyeb

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf The greatest Arab poet, Abu Al-Tayyeb Al-Mutanabbi, was born in Iraq, lived in Syria and settled in Egypt, before fleeing from the …

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We are all human beings !

Yes, we are all human beings and all of us commit mistakes. We commit sins and we have our human weaknesses. Those who are dedicated …

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Cohen, thank you very much

This is the most difficult incident I have ever experienced. It was a hot summer afternoon in 1986, the place was a public park in …

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Builders booms and bright eyes – we do dhows

A group of students from the International School Association (ISA) and their mothers spent a fun and informative morning learning about Kuwait’s seafaring heritage when they …

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