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Friday , September 17 2021


‘Fatal handling of education’

My friend, former ambassador, says that Mr. Youssef Abdel Moati taught him the Arabic language in Salah El-Din Intermediate School in the late 1950s, and …

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Nasser, logic, irrefutable facts?

I was sorry and felt greatly surprised when I went through the following tweets, which were previously posted by one of the activists of the …

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‘No accountability in years’

There is no sane person who doubts that public education has been suffering for a long time and the situation has worsened further with the …

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Give us money … no actuarial

Some parties with all their respect and weight, and others less than that, demanded the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFFS) to give a share …

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Academy & disputed figure

On the front page of a local newspaper last Thursday, a piece of news, was perhaps the type of “feeling the pulse,” on the intent …

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Need of colors in our life

Throughout my life I have believed that colors in our lives are known and counted and have effects to varying degrees between light and dark, …

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Photo logical than 1,000 words!

The first photo I have in my collection is a photo of the official delegation of the Kuwaiti and British Prime Ministers for their last …

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Stroke of pen … fate of 60s+

More than a year ago, the Public Authority for Manpower issued a decision to terminate the services of every resident who has reached the age …

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‘Same law for rich and poor’

There is no doubt that Kuwait of my generation … sixty, forty or even twenty years ago, is not the Kuwait of today and will …

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Fill vacancies in private sector with Kuwaitis to end unemployment

“There are advertisements published about job opportunities in the private sector for non-Kuwaitis, which can be filled by Kuwaitis. For example, there are 15,000 jobs …

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