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Thursday , December 2 2021


Shiites dilemma in Kuwait

The origin of the Shiite component of the Kuwaiti people is mainly from all the urban and neighboring cities, such as Al-Ahsa, Najd, Oman, desert …

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Our Florence Nightingales?

The problem in the world, in part, is that clever people are so full of doubt about everything, while stupid people are so confident that …

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After Europe, COVID-19 3rd wave to hit Kuwait?

Is this third wave coming to Kuwait, and should actions have been taken earlier? The former is vexing many and there is no easy answer. …

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Queries asked again & again

From time to time the government is forced to intervene and dissolve the board of directors of cooperative societies and appoint a temporary ‘board’ in …

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Secrets of the CSC are in Egypt servers ?

The management of the bank where I worked in the 1960s trusted my abilities and handed me the key to the door of one of …

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Their honor and our honor

Hassan says that he arrived in Britain in 1960. Everything was strange to him as an Arab and a Muslim and from a family from …

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Agony of an Asian woman

Radhat was sitting on a small bench kneading bread to put in the oven in front of her while her little daughter, and her sick …

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One of a kind phenomenon

There is no doubt that former MP Musallam Al-Barrak is a phenomenon that has few parallels in our political life, and remains the most prominent, …

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Scientists & religious belief

A survey conducted by the American Pew Research Center in May 2009 on members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science found that …

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‘They’re afraid but unashamed’

The Public Prosecutor ordered the detention of four former members of the board of directors of a cooperative society in the case of ‘embezzling shareholder’s …

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