Sunday , February 26 2017


Seven magnificent women

Fifteen years ago, Mrs Fareah Al-Saqqaf sensed the danger threatening her small homeland and felt the need to do something to save an entire generation which was drifting into subversive and terrorist activities or getting absorbed in the world of drugs. Al-Saqqaf did not exert much effort to convince some …

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Entire educational system needs to be changed – Converting most of public school into private schools will ease financial burden on the state

Saud Al Arfaj

This is the second of a three-part series of articles on vision of Kuwait’s future and the stability of its people.             –– Editor By Saud Al-Arfaj Japan, for example, for more than 150 years sent delegations to the developed countries to learn from them and bring expertise. The Japanese …

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Avarice goes before morals? – Practice what you preach

Last week, the Giza Criminal Court in Cairo, presided by Judge Abdul-Shafi Al-Sayyed Othman, sentenced former Egyptian minister of Irrigation Mohammad Nasr Allam, and a businessman, member of the Egyptian People’s Assembly and Board Chairman of the Egyptian-Kuwaiti Company for land reclamation Ahmad Abdul Salam Quora to seven years imprisonment …

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Talk we don’t want to hear — II

Ibrahim Al-Buleihi said the entry of Arab history has not made any contribution but rather hindered the progress, and that means if we listen to the news we will see clearly that we are the big obstructers in the march of human civilization and this is horrible. All our news …

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Talk we do not want to hear – It is Greek for some

Saudi scholar Ibrahim Al-Buleihi says the Arabs have not provided any added value to human civilization, and that what is attributed to them by the intellectual and scientific achievements was originally accomplished by Greek individuals. He added, what distinguishes the West is that history is an extension of Greek and …

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Free trade cost Secretary Clinton the 2016 US presidential election

Forget health care, immigration, terrorism, tax reform and Supreme Court appointments, Secretary Clinton lost the USA presidential election because she didn’t address a faltering economy and a hurting middle class. Specifically, the loss of middle class jobs in the states that traditionally voted Democrat, eg: Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina. …

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