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Tuesday , December 11 2018


The ‘Kuwaitiya’ tragedy

Ahmad-Al-Sarraf We mean by “Kuwaitiya” Kuwait Airways and not Kuwaiti nationality as the latter’s conditions in light of personal status law is a catastrophic one.Experience has shown that opening a hospital in a remote area will automatically increase the number of patients in that area. The reason is that emergency …

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Way to control behaviour

What happens if the traffic department obligates vehicle owners to write their names, in clear letters, on various parts of the vehicle, including the nationality of the driver?What is the radical change that will take place if a security man asks every person to put his name and nationality on …

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Shakespeare and Abu Tayyeb

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf The greatest Arab poet, Abu Al-Tayyeb Al-Mutanabbi, was born in Iraq, lived in Syria and settled in Egypt, before fleeing from the oppression of the then ruler of Egypt Kafur Al-Akhshidi.His poetry is distinguished by its simplicity and ease of preservation and it included words of wisdom …

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We are all human beings !

Yes, we are all human beings and all of us commit mistakes. We commit sins and we have our human weaknesses. Those who are dedicated to guiding others may not necessarily be the best people born on the face of this earth. Furthermore, they may be the most misguided but …

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Cohen, thank you very much

This is the most difficult incident I have ever experienced. It was a hot summer afternoon in 1986, the place was a public park in an English suburb, my father was visiting us, where I was living with my family, I was with him and my three children. We played …

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Builders booms and bright eyes – we do dhows

A group of students from the International School Association (ISA) and their mothers spent a fun and informative morning learning about Kuwait’s seafaring heritage when they visited the Dhow Builders Diwannia on the seafront in Sharq. Their knowledgeable host was Sadeq Al Qallaf, the diwannia’s Workshop Manager, who hails from a …

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The coward and shameless

The title of the article is an Egyptian proverb applicable to many peoples and societies, especially the oppressed ones. In an article by novelist Alaa Al-Asswani, to show an example of those who are coward but shameless, is that he brought a technician to repair a machine in his clinic. …

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‘Change ideas, change actions’

Every day, tens of thousands of ideas are presented to the human mind, each of which gives him a special feeling, so what we really feel is what we think about. If the mind creates pure and positive thoughts, we will certainly be satisfied with ourselves and our surroundings, and …

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Kuwaitis recollect liberation with gratitude

‘Never forgets’ KUWAIT CITY, Dec 1, (KUNA): When the name of former US President George H.W Bush is mentioned, Kuwaitis recollect his great contributions to liberating their homeland from the Iraqi invasion and his determination to expel the invading forces and restore legitimacy to their country. With the demise of …

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Courage and vision worthy of his office

Sought a ‘kinder and gentler nation’ HOUSTON, Dec 1, (AP): He was the man who sought a “kinder, and gentler nation,” and the one who sternly invited Americans to read his lips — he would not raise taxes. He was the popular leader of a mighty coalition that dislodged Iraq …

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