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Sunday , November 18 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Traffic concern everlasting

WE direct the attention of our brethren in the Ministry of Interior, particularly those in the General Traffic Department, to the level of chaos in our “historic” streets and lack of reverence for law or deterrence from the agencies in charge of ensuring that laws are observed. The first chaos …

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The infinite failure of traffic!!

SINCE we opened our eyes to this world, a particular aspect of traffic law has not changed for decades. What I mean here is that in case of a traffic accident involving two or more vehicles, we usually find the drivers of vehicles involved in the accident waiting for a …

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Inhuman, skewed eclecticism

Whenever our brothers in humanity, children of Adam and Eve, encounter any devastating misfortune, we are obliged by our emotions, feelings and conscience to do something regardless of their origin or ethnicity. In the past months or few days now, we have seen our brothers and sisters in humanity and …

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Campaign against expats unjustified

THE sudden emergence of a ferocious campaign — unprecedented — against the expatriates in the Kuwaiti political and social arenas is like the latter are the main reason behind the spread of corruption and nepotism in every aspect of the society. It is as if the expatriates are the cause …

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Monopolists of terrorism

ALL of a sudden, we Arabs and Muslims have become the monopolists of terrorism and exporters of terroristic ideology. We have become the authorized suppliers of terrorists. We hardly opened our eyes to witness the defeat of the largest terrorist group of the modern age, namely DAESH. We know that …

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Freedom of expression just a theoretical issue

LEADERS of the United States of America and citizens of American states have always bragged that America is the leader of the free world. Free world means the place where democracy, freedom of belief, freedom of expression and other freedoms are practiced according to elite constitutions starting with the principles …

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Mogherini selfie

THE beautiful Italian woman, Federica Mogherini, who currently occupies the position High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, visited the Islamic Republic of Iran to attend the inauguration of Iranian President-elect Hassan Rouhani. Everybody watched Mogherini wearing a very modest dress while seated on the …

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We dream to live without mobiles!

RECENTLY, as I was passing through the arrival hall of Kuwait International Airport, my bag was placed on the baggage inspection belt by the porters. While waiting for my bag to come out of that inspection tunnel, I was surprised to notice something. The inspector who is supposed to monitor …

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Not a pin or missile or even a matchstick

MY article last week was about the visit of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel, and his announcement that he does not intend to visit Ramallah and the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Such an announcement was contrary to the tradition followed by many leaders who visit both Israel …

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Kuwait 2035 … proceed by the grace of Almighty Allah

THE Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA) graciously hosted us one evening during the month of Ramadan at the Dar Al-Athar in Yarmouk. There we met the Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs and member of the Supreme Planning Council Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. He is also the head of the committee …

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