Saturday , November 18 2017

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Goodbye devilish pact … Where is your zeal on Abad Abideen?

PRIME Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel threw his weight behind the Zionist lobby in the United States in an attempt to force the US Congress to oppose the nuclear agreement reached last July between the P5+1 countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The groups aligned with the fundamentalist forces …

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Of government and ‘seesaws’

MOST noble Kuwaitis and many others were shocked and baffled by the verdict on the 2007 emergency power generators case.  Although the verdict is considered harsh, many believe it is justified. However, the issue has another shocking aspect as an employee was accused of committing a grave mistake; yet the …

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Syria from warm abode to cold evictor

SYRIA was part of the great Ottoman Empire from 1516 until around 1916. It has been under the governance of various Arab governments up to this day, despite the role played by the Ottoman Empire and the governments that followed in terms of shelters found in Syria. Nevertheless, the most …

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