Thursday , September 20 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Ingenuity of infidels and atrocities of the Faithful

DURING Ramadan — the month when the Holy Quran descended and the best month according to many verses of the Holy Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) — successive events trapped us and left us so frustrated. We lead a life that fills our ears with prayers as …

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How many times have we suffered humiliation because of Schengen?

SCHENGEN visa allows you to enter all European Union member-states, apart from the United Kingdom. Recently, a member of the current Parliament gave Kuwaitis good tidings through a television interview about the Schengen visa exemption for Kuwaitis which will be implemented soon. This came due to tremendous efforts exerted by …

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Why don’t we emulate them?

ONE of the precious parliamentary sessions in Kuwait led to the issuance of a hundred percent racial and fanatical law that prohibits granting Kuwaiti citizenship to a non-Muslim! This law does not exist in Europe, USA, Canada or Latin America where Muslims find a safe place, away from the injustice …

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How did idiots become opinion leaders?!

HOW did idiots become opinion leaders? This question is articulately answered by Italian novelist and philosopher Umberto Eco — writer of the novel, “The Name of the Rose”, who died last February at the age of 85. Umberto said in his research on the evolution of current societies: “Social media …

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Trump win will make you wish for Obama

  THE level of discontent over the policies adopted by US President Barack Hussein Obama on relations with the region has intensified. Obama and his administration almost announced total abandonment of absolute support for the policies of elite rulers in the region by adopting different policies. However, in his opinion, …

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We hope we will catch up

SECTARIANISM is a chronic disease that has been devastating our region for years. The Europeans lived with it in the past, during the Dark Ages, which were overwhelmed by the sectarian mind. In 15th century France, sectarianism was at its peak between the majority Catholics who followed the Pope in …

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Déjà vu!

THE entire world, without exception, was shaken when thousands of supporters of Iraqi Shiite politician Muqtada al-Sadr stormed the heavily fortified government district of Green Zone and took the Parliament building by a storm. They stormed the Parliament building in protest against the failure of Members of Parliament to vote …

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Curse of our airport

I DID not know that the Kuwait International Airport, which I have been criticizing for some time because of its small size and old lifespan compared to other airports around the world, is less than humble and is a ‘curse’ as it is mentioned. A few days ago I left …

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Brotherhood Group is parallel to gloominess

IT HAS been a while since I decided to stop writing about the Muslim Brotherhood Group. However, the problem is this group and its members somehow forces you to remember them — perhaps for the people not to forget them even if they are talking about the group’s scandals or …

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When will the authority devour ‘the big cheese’?

MANY, including me, have been asking why the names of high-profile Arab officials did not appear in the recently leaked ‘Panama Papers’, which were published by independent Western newspapers, about the soaring wealth of several high-profile politicians, sports individuals and artists, and their deposits in what is known as tax …

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